Duchess Kate is apparently in love with Mary Berry from The Great Bagedyst.

So wild that one of her youngest son Louis’ first word was the name of the judge in the british tv-show.

she told herself to tv-personality, when they recently baked together in the context of the programme ‘A Berry Royal Christmas’ on Monday shown on british tv.

the 84-year-old Mary Berry was a judge on the program from 2010 to 2016, but still managed to make such a strong impression that ‘Mary thus became one of the 18-month-old Louis’ first words, says duchess Kate according to the Daily Mail.

“Because right at his eye level all of my cookbooks in the bookcase in the kitchen,” told the british duchess and the mother of three during filming.

“All children are fascinated by faces, and your face fills all of your cookbooks, and he has said: ‘It is Mary Berry’, so he would definitely recognize you if he saw you today.”

Prince Louis is duchess Kate and prince Williams youngest child.

They also have a daughter, Charlotte on the four-and six-year-old George.

Kate and William were in the kitchen with Bagedyst-star in the tv show, where the trio were going to make christmas dinner for 150 volunteers.

After the filming told Mary Berry that she admired the matrimonial love for each other and compared it with the ribbon, doves share with each other, as they form pairs for life, writes the Daily Mail.

“When they are together, touching constantly by her arm and looking smiling at her, and she does the same with him. Very natural,” said the 84-year-old Mary Berry, who has been married for 53 years.

“It was clear to see that William is very proud of Catherine (Kate’s real name, red.).”