The warm summer days will not only ensure that the pants and skirts are getting shorter and shorter, but also motivate to do more exercise outside. With the hot temperatures, it is completely normal that you sweat even without a great effort.

with the heat and the sweat, the blood vessels expand and the limbs to swell a little. So also the thighs may be voluminous and can – free clothes placed under a short summer – uncomfortable rubbing against each other.

This is a Problem women in the summer and shorter skirts, dresses or Shorts to know, especially without tights underneath, wear.

Not a typical Problem of powerful women

Who now but thinks, sweaty adhesive or even abrasive thighs to be only a typical Problem of people who are Overweight, you are wrong.

Depending on how the body is built, or how the hips and legs to one another, this can promote the friction of the inner thighs when walking.

In women, the naturally higher percentage of body fat in addition, the power often on the thighs is noticeable.

The friction of the thighs, is not only an unpleasant feeling when Running, but the delicate skin can irritate there so that this can be to really a pain Problem.

Who would like to prevent this, you can try a few simple tips:

4 tips against the unangenheme Scrub 1. Deo differently from a

to use Whether in the summer or in the Sauna under warm temperatures, the body begins to sweat in order to regulate the heat balance and to prevent Overheating.

For many people, is welding an unpleasant effect, especially under the armpits noticeable. Therefore, the most regularly access to a Deodorant, which reduces odour and the sweat production.

between the legs when you start to sweat on hot days, so that your thighs stick to each other, as soon as the sweat dries.

The friction caused thereby, can quickly become painful and cause skin irritation. The Application of deodorant can also create on the inner side of the thighs remedy: It prevents the sweat production and thus reduces the effect of Friction.

Even if the Deo in multiple body welding production is minimized, there is no need to Worry about the heat regulation of the body. British researchers examined whether the use of Deodorants hinder the thermo-regulation and no differences were able to determine, the influence of the heat budget is negative.

2. Baby powder

The white powder is actually intended for infants: It prevents moisture in the diaper and sucks on the produced weld. However, the effect of the fine powder can also influence the friction of the legs is positive: The baby powder ensures that the legs stick and therefore less rubbing against each other.

But be careful: The baby powder is cheap to buy, but should be first tested sparingly, and mainly only under white clothes, to avoid stains or residues.

In the choice of the baby powder it is a talc-free product access. American researchers have investigated the release of pollutants by means of the talc powder in the human environment.

they were able to determine that the use of a powder of fibres of asbestos in the air in the lungs to settle and there to be harmful could work – but there are plenty of talc-free Alternatives in the choice of baby powder.

3. Special saver-buy

“Anti Chafing Bands” – this is the English term for the special pads for the legs are to be found. You can be drawn like a stocking holder very easy on the feet up to the grinding point, and prevent that the skin scrubs still.

the pads are the perfect companion to a breezy summer dress or as a fashionable combination under a pair of Shorts. It is important that the pads are elastic, so you can be the body, and the point placed to adapt to the needs.

4. Vaseline

bind as a quick remedy on the go, probably The cheapest and easiest way, the Rubbing of the legs fast, is Vaseline. It is not only convenient, but also very greasy.

The cream forms a lubrication film, which makes the contact between the two thighs supple. It not only protects the skin against friction, but up to six hours against external pollutants.

apply for Vaseline: more is not necessarily much. You should, if possible, be applied in a thin layer, so that the oily cream does not stain on the clothes.


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Michelle Steinmetz, Tina monastery Meier

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