people from the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf trepidation after the Corona onset in the case of Tönnies and the re-output restrictions to your holiday. Because in NRW in the summer, start now on holiday.

However, several States had decided in the past few days, accommodation, prohibitions for visitors from the districts of Gütersloh and Warendorf. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lower Saxony, people from the Corona are allowed to enter-risk areas only if you can prove that you have made within 48 hours prior to the entry of a Corona Test. Also in Schleswig-Holstein and Rhineland-Palatinate, this is valid – otherwise you will have to isolate the person Concerned without delay after the entry into her apartment, or in other suitable accommodation to 14 days.

Also in Baden-Württemberg there is accommodation bans. Bayern announced that accommodations for people from areas that exceed the limit of new infections by 50 per 100,000 inhabitants, may take on only a negative PCR test result.

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people from the affected Corona Hotspots feel undesirable

people from the affected areas are disappointed. “We feel as Innocent, after all there is outside of Tönnies hardly Infected,” says the lawyer, Kai Drees stone-Hagen in the district of Gütersloh. He had relatives in lower Saxony and is now unsure of how it with to Visit to work.

“The Lockdown is the Super-Gau”, says Thorsten Reinert. The 50-Year-old from Gütersloh has with his nine-year-old son of Ric in the diagnostic centre on the Virus testing: “We’re going on Friday to the Baltic sea in the holiday and want to have a negative Test in Hand, if we are otherwise not supposed to be.”

“the New scheme is to be regarded with caution”

But how useful is it to require that a negative PCR Test for Coronavirus as a prerequisite for travel?

A negative Test is only a snapshot, says Ralf Reintjes. The epidemiology Professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences says, therefore: “The new regulation of the use of a negative PCR Tests, as a travel requirement for people from high-risk areas is to be regarded with caution.”

Because PCR Tests are “very reliable in the detection of existing genetic Material of the Virus at the time of specimen collection”, however, exclude that there is neither a pre-existing infection, the spread may be just starting out and still in the incubation phase, one shortly after the investigation took place infection.

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Thus, there is a risk that the Tested cradle into a false sense of security. The epidemiologist advises, therefore, to negative-tested traveler, urgent, again, contact with a doctor if you develop symptoms – and to try other non-infect.

“A PCR Test can only prove an infection that is already established,” confirms Susanne Pfefferle, a research associate at the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). If someone is contagious, and the Virus had just come fresh into the body, is the PCR Test, probably one to three days is negative. This is due, according to Pfefferle to the fact that not enough Virus is present, the Test could prove it.

“The question is, whether this is to the necessary extent realistic and the effort

justifies” In the acute phase of a Covid-19-condition in which the Affected person develops symptoms, the safety of the PCR-test, explains the expert. But: “Only in this period, the Test detects the Virus safely and provides at best very, very rarely false-negative results. Accordingly, a negative Test in symptomatic patients is asymptomatic more meaningful than in the case (yet).“

Actually, you wouldn’t have to ask, if you want to use a PCR Test as a prerequisite for something, only that he must not be older than a few days, but also that he would have to be repeated after a few days, says Pfefferle.

“so is It a maniacal effort – purely logistically – and in addition, it also requires enormous testing capacity, we don’t have. There are still difficulties to procure the reagents. If we were to say in the context of such schemes, each multiple times in the week tested, then there is not across the Board testing capacity, on the part of the staff or the PCR test machines.“

It also points Friedemann Weber. The Director of the Institute for Virology at the University of Gießen and holds mass testing in principle would help to find asymptomatic Infected. “But the question is, whether this is to the extent necessary and realistic, and the effort justifies.” Finally, capacity and Material to be used, which could be elsewhere more.

“to Be followed at the resort all the rules, should not cause significant proliferation”

makes Sense, two rules are, therefore, that all now must hold:

  • people who have contact with a confirmed Infected, must remain in quarantine. Travel is then already the first taboo.
  • All people should continue to hold the applicable clearance and protection rules.
  • “If at the resort, all the rules are followed, it should not come anyway to a significant dissemination”, is a virologist Weber is convinced.

    NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) had warned people from the district of Gütersloh under “blanket suspicion”. One should not stigmatize the residents of the circle””.

    “This has been almost anything from social Ostracism,” says psychologist and psychotherapist Tillmann Krüger of the Medical University of Hannover: “This is, of course, been massive, if it is there sent as a holiday Inn because of the origin back.” The psychologist is in favour of, to find the right balance between containment of the Virus and Prevent a prejudgement.

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