Previously, the number of worldwide confirmed infections had crossed on Sunday for the first time the mark of 10 million. A quarter of the infections were reported from the United States, where the pandemic continues to spread rapidly.

most of The victims have to complain, therefore, also of the U.S., more than 125,000 people died. In the second place, Brazil was 57,000 dead, followed by the UK with almost 44,000 Victims.

the death rate in the UK, Italy and Sweden, even bigger than in USA

The number of victims in the United States, a country with 330 million inhabitants, is the world’s highest in absolute Numbers. Relative to the number of inhabitants, the number of the dead is, however, in some European countries higher. In the USA, around 38 people per 100,000 inhabitants died to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, according to. In the UK, this value is rounded at 66, in Italy, at 57 and in Sweden at 52 – however, in Germany at 11.

In the USA the number of new infections in the face of a rapid spread of the Virus in the southern States since Friday, a new all-time high. At the weekend, around 88,000 new infections were reported.

experts from higher dark figure of

The website of the Hopkins-Uni is regularly updated with incoming data, and therefore shows a higher level than the official Figures of the world health organization (WHO). In some cases, the Figures have been corrected and also back down. Experts in each and every case of a higher number of unreported cases.

  • All the current information you can read on the Live Ticker for the Corona-crisis.

according to The WHO, there was until Sunday 9,84 million known infections and 496 000 deaths. The Coronavirus pandemic began around the turn of the year in China. The novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. the lung disease Covid-19 trigger, which can be especially in elderly or immunocompromised patients, fatal

In Germany have been 193.506 positive Corona Tests reported, such as data of the country’s health and social ministries are the result. The 281 more than on Saturday. However, four States announced on Sunday that no new Pay – Baden-Württemberg, the Saarland, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. In three länder, it was again on Sunday, no new Corona cases – Bremen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thuringia.

so Far, 8933 people have died from the effects of the Coronavirus. Only Bavaria, reported on Sunday a new case of death. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 177.700 Diseased are healed now and again. Approximately 6900 people are acutely infected (active cases). The number of acutely Infected has risen for the third Time in a row, even if only slightly (6800 on Saturday, 6600 on Friday and 6400 on Thursday). Number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Germany rise to 193.506, 8.933 deaths

here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 35.541 (1.829 deaths)
  • Bavaria: 48.290 (2.589 deaths)
  • Berlin: 8.175 (213 deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 3.451 (171 deaths)
  • Bremen: 1.664 (50 deaths)
  • Hamburg: 5.193 (231 deaths)
  • Hesse: 10.761 (506 deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 801 (20 deaths)
  • lower Saxony: 13.462 (630 deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 42.720 (1.674 deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: of 6,979 (235 deaths)
  • Saarland is: 2.766 (173 deaths)
  • Saxony: 5.440 (221 deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1.867 (58 deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 3.147 (152 deaths)
  • Thüringen: 3.249 (181 deaths)

total (as of: 28.06.20, 20.33): 193.506 (8.933 deaths)

previous day (as 27.06.20, 20.30): 193.225 (8.932 deaths)

a source to the numbers Infected and death: country health and social ministries.

The number of the Healed, according to the Robert Koch-Institute in Germany for approximately 177.700.

Current from the RKI reported reproduction number: 0,71 (as 28.06.20)

surf tip: Coronavirus reproductive number and the smoothed R-value

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