The fitness studios are – with the exception of the Federal state of Bavaria re – opened. However, the visit is designed differently from the Corona-pandemic-in showers or swimming pools may not be used, for example, also the saunas to stay.

Who gets the contractually agreed services, do not need to pay the full price – says Jennifer Kaiser of the consumer Rhineland-Palatinate. In this Interview, she explains what the rights of members of fitness studios now.

fitness studios can’t currently offer their full program – should members expect a discount?

Emperor: It always depends on what was agreed in the contract. There are very different ways: one Of them has a contract on Training on the devices, the other can also to courses and the next has a All-inclusive agreement, in the case of the Sauna and swimming pool may be used

Who now can’t use due to the requirements some of the offerings such as the Sauna or courses, do not need to pay for it, in our view, also. Because it is a so-called partial impossibility of performance is. This means that the gym can not offer part of the services. But it can ask for no contributions.

“If half of the supply is eliminated, you have to pay only half”

How should members of fitness studios now?

Emperor: it is best to talk with the Studio owner. Many of the customers and offer, for example, vouchers or reduce the contributions. Some of the cross-however, there are also. In this case, you should calculate yourself how much you can shorten the post. If, for example, half of the offer is eliminated, you have to pay half of the contribution.

you should be the provider in writing – by registered letter – tell. You have set up a standing order, it must be amended accordingly. If a direct debit has been granted to enter, you can call this and transfer the contribution.

Can terminate their contract now complete?

Emperor: A special right of termination does not exist in this case, because there is no legal basis. And also a extraordinary termination is not right here. This would only be possible if the continuation of the contract would be unreasonable. Since, however, the Studio operator is not responsible for the Situation, because it is just due to the pandemic, this is a possibility.

If you want to terminate, you must keep to the agreed deadlines. Important: The contract does not automatically extend the time during which it was closed the Studio. This is only the case if the has been agreed. Fit with 4-second Workout: sports medicine physician explains what “Exercise Snacks” really PCP bring Fit with 4-second Workout: sports medicine physician explains what “Exercise Snacks” really are

These hygiene measures must be observed in the gym

The employers Association of German Fitness and health equipment (DSSV) has hygiene written requirements for each state. These include, among others, the following measures:

  • After Entering the gym must wash your hands or
  • customers and Employees with symptoms of respiratory infection to be disinfected have changing rooms, no access to gym
  • storage and showers are respecting the Minimum distance of 1.5 meters allowed
  • Due to the aerosol load is high-intensity endurance training such as Indoor Cycling, HIIT and anaerobic threshold training
  • All sport a towel under the place is taken care of equipment after use and disinfect
  • During Training
  • In the Studio with the equipment to ensure that minimum clearances are adhered to
  • All our business areas must be sufficient
  • Employees vented in all the rooms, a mouth-nose cover

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