Who knows it: The body is already erschlankt, but the last excess fat on the belly does not want to simply disappear. The solution: you need to boost the burning of fat!

The fat that has been deposited there, often very persistent. What helps to make it melt? The sports sessions are more intense? Still eat less? Or maybe something completely different? The Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse of the German sport University in Cologne-and-white.

Not only sugar, but also the fat-burning boost

“The body must learn the fat burning once again,” says a sports scientist. In everyday life, he added, the body often, on the combustion of sugar to cope with stress.

however, he does not touch the fat on the belly or elsewhere in the first place. “The body should be in the position to burn without activity fat,” says the expert.

endurance sport with time

helps boost according to Froböse, first of all endurance sports. The fat burning works best with a moderate load. “The pulse should be about 180 minus your age,” says Froböse. Cheap at least a half-hour of exercise at a stretch to travel, for example Cycling, running or swimming.

“it is Important, the burden with the time to adapt to a stimulus”, says Froböse. This offer, first, to increase the duration of the training session. “I do not recommend to increase the intensity of the load, but to train longer,” he says.

Who else is gone a half-hour run, you can try, for example, how he feels with a unit of 45 minutes.

Big muscles don’t burn a lot of energy

That alone is sufficient to the fat-burning boost. You can still optimize. The sports scientist, says: “So that the body burns even at rest, energy is still something else important – and those are big muscles.” He recommends, therefore, to make not only Endurance, but also strength training.

the body also benefits when the load increases with the time. Should you choose so that you can do 10 to 15 repetitions of an Exercise. “The last few repetitions should be difficult for a right,” says Froböse. “Who on the other hand creates loose 30 reps, has chosen the load is too low.”

nutrition plays an important role for the metabolism of fat

plays But not only Sport, also the diet has an important role for the metabolism of fat. “I recommend a biorhythmic diet,” says Froböse. This is determined by the needs of the body and provides him any time of the day with what he needed the most.

“in the Morning you should assist the body with energy”, says the sports scientist. This he can use the fastest-in the Form of carbohydrates. “At lunch you should bring, especially nutrients,” advises the expert. “Finally, in the evening, a protein-rich food cheap.” This may mean, for example, to eat in the Morning oatmeal, lunch of grilled vegetables or a salad and to keep the evening on chicken or cottage cheese.

breaks between meals

Who is snacks in between, healthy, and often believes that he is doing something Good for yourself. An Apple, nuts or a yogurt in the afternoon, at the Desk, but not a good idea, if you want to stimulate the burning of fat. “It is crucial that you comply with breaks between meals,” says Froböse. This should be at least four to five hours long.

“The body has to draw on its reserves,” the expert says. “But if he is constantly sugar in the blood, then the energy demand is covered.” The fat storage of the body does not touch then in the first place – and the belly will remain fat. If you like, you can prolong the breaks between the meals and in between, six, eight or even ten hours of fasting.

Better the Finger of fat burners

“It has been shown that between meals is not favorable,” says Froböse. “When the body has constantly of sugar available, and if it is only by an Apple, can form with time, even a fatty liver.” So: Better to have something to hold on to snacking instead of in between. If you are no longer able to withstand it now, for once, are nuts, or Quark, of course, from all beneficial for the body than a candy bar.

The so-called fat burners are available which are designed to stimulate fat metabolism. Their effect is not scientifically proven often. In addition, there are products that are mostly available on the Internet, the severe side effects can cause. In them, substances such as caffeine are dosed so high that you lawn-to-heart, gastro-intestinal problems and insomnia. Here applies: Better to leave it alone. The risk is high, either to buy an expensive product, not at all, or but serious side effects. You have to train diligently, but it is still too much fat over your muscles? The belly just won’t go away? Then you should know these six simple tips to burn fat!

Some foods have a favorable effect from

Who would have supported the body, can help out with food. The effect is, overall, manageable, but some foods can help fat metabolism. “Is suitable, for example, black, green and white tea,” says Froböse. Anything that stimulates the metabolism, has a beneficial effect. Also ginger tea or tea with Ginseng, for example. “The Finger should, however, fruit teas,” says Froböse. “However, fructose is dissolved in the water and also the is not conducive to fat metabolism.”

the coffee is also suitable to support fat burning, as he accelerated by the caffeine the metabolism. The same is not true however, so strong, if you drink regular coffee, because the body gets used to the caffeine and not so strong to react. “It is also important that you drink really coffee and not products such as Macchiato or Cappuccino chooses,” says Froböse. “They contain a lot of calories and resemble more of a Snack.”

Best Mix: Smart food and exercise

Also spices can bring the metabolism up to speed, and thus the burning of fat support. “Pepper is with its sharpness to be particularly favorable,” says a sports scientist. Also Chili and ginger have a stimulating effect. “You can tell by the fact that it comes to sweat, if it is something Sharp,” says Froböse. So: Always in a good season, smart food, the muscles and the stamina to think – then the annoying belly fat is to forget soon.

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