Free to breathe, a recognizable smile, easier understanding: The benefits of aim as a replacement for the everyday mask seem to be on Hand. However, the Use of plastic structures is a barrier as the Virus controversial.

While the Federal state of Hesse, the face shields in his Corona-regulation is expressly permitted, in Baden-Württemberg, officially as a mask replacement. What the science says?


visors help to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.


For self-protection visors seem to be similarly well suited as masks. However, the spread of aerosols because of the large distances between the visor and the face lighter.


as a General rule in the discussion of visors: The data situation is relatively thin, a final judgment there is. The virologist Alexander Kekulé described the visors in a Podcast of the MDR as “just as good” as material masks.

According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the plastic shields, but no equivalent Alternative to mouth-to nose-to-cover. And now?

distinction of contagion

was Important in the debate, to distinguish between external protection and self-protection, says the virologist, John Knobloch, the head of the work in the area of hospital hygiene at the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf.

When self-protection is to accept it quite plausible that the Use of visor and mouth protection in the balance: “The visor is ideal to protect against the classic droplet infection,” he says.

It also serves as a sneeze guard and protect the eyes mucous membranes. Therefore, protection will be extended in the professional area of the Mouth and always wear protective glasses or visor.

sneeze guard and protect the eyes mucous membranes. Therefore, protection will be extended in the professional area of the Mouth and always wear protective glasses or visor.

When it comes, however, to protect others from infection, was put under the visor and the Mouth guard a little, says Knobloch. An assessment that also shares the RKI: The plastic shields could intercept in the rule, only the droplets landing directly on the disc, it shall notify the Institute.

A textile mouth protection as it is applied well – can also prevent flow Past the droplets on the sides and the breathing air braking.

in Particular, the so-called aerosols – tiny exhaled particles, which can sometimes float for hours in the air, and cause infection – may be absorbed by textile coverings better, says Knobloch.

visors are useful in everyday situations

his colleague Kekulé, he limited his statement to the equally good Suitability of sight and mask: This does not apply if you were sitting for a very long time with the other in closed spaces.

Suppose that two persons are talking with a visor for a long time, could it be an infection due to such aerosols. Not yet, however, is yet to be clarified, how big is the role of aerosols in Infections with Sars-CoV-2.

Useful Knobloch finds the transparent visors in particular, in everyday situations, in which Facial expression plays a role: “conversations with the hearing-Impaired are, for example, is much better feasible”.

And even if the RKI visors skeptical looks: Who could carry out medical or other valid reasons, no Mouth guard, show by Wearing a visor, “that he supports the measures currently in place for the population and thereby, perhaps only minimal, contribution to make,” reads the website of the Institute.

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