celebrated, once Again, for a long time? the the teacher asked in the vocational school. As a typical teen behavior, dismissed was when I was in the classroom with his head on the table top and way not dozed, because it was easy.

narcolepsy is a rare disease, characterized by sudden sleep attacks. It is, as the Weights would hang on the eyelids, as if they were pulled with all the force down. Only 18 years old, I got the diagnosis. Until then, all sorts of people had all sorts of explanations for my behavior. Mostly everything has been pushed to the Psyche.

There are two different types of the disease, with and without the so-called cataplexy. Cataplexy is come paroxysmally, the muscles are weak, it collapses in on itself. I am a type one Narkoleptikerin and have such cataplexy is. Exciting, but just no time?

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sleep elsewhere for your noise out , the people said, if I was on the road, what can happen during a cataplexy. You can’t move or speak, but everything around it in full consciousness.

Extreme fatigue

The seizures I had since I was 16. Age, also with the extreme fatigue has come to this time around. Before that, I can live a very normal life. It’s just that I am sometimes, though, if I’ve scared me, in me together, gave up on the puzzles.

But that happened rarely, and since no cause could be found, addressed, my parents and I, it is not. To know 18-after a night in the sleep lab finally, what’s wrong with me, was a great relief.

Among other things, the long REM periods, and the lack of deep sleep are typical of narcolepsy, an autoimmune disease in which certain chemical messengers in the brain are not formed, which leads to dysregulation of the nerves. Since it is clear where the Problem lies, I take drugs:

during the day to stay awake, in the evening, to be able to sleep better. Without the drug my sleep gurgles only on the surface. How whacked I am on the other day.

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The training I had to cancel,

to live With the disease, to accept means that there are good days and bad days. On a good day, I need only two sleep breaks of half an hour, to bad I can barely get out of bed.

A training I had to cancel because I was tired all the time. In the case of an application for a Mini-Job I fell asleep during the interview. As you would pull the vacuum cleaner the plug, so it is.

Currently, there is the question of whether I am incapacitated. But even if this is true, I would like to work at least somewhat, by the hour. I recently got an assistance dog, Stella, I want to train with a Trainer.

Stella is learning to Wake me up if I fall asleep, for example, in the Bus. You will then my Hand lick – a touch can counteract a sleep attack. To be one day a dog trainer, that would be my dream. You can see in FOCUS Online, you can See in the