it is concluded That in the case of a Corona-disease of the nose is affected, is not a new insight.

WieFIT FOR FUN reported, is the loss of the Riechsinns a common Symptom of a Covid-19 infection.

write New research findings in the nasal mucosa of a creature to skin socially meaningful importance.

According to the results of a research team from the University of North Carolina, it could be especially the nose, which makes a infection in the lower respiratory tract such as the lung possible.

especially in the nose of the Coronavirus

scatters especially in the nose the well implantation and the spread seems to.

came To this realization, the scientists at the University of North Carolina, after you could be through the use of fluorescence-accurate witnesses of the spread of the Coronavirus in human tissue.

By the fluorescence of the Coronavirus was brought to the lights, so clearly revealed, in which cell environment, the Virus is propagated particularly easy.

Accordingly, hairs especially the cilia in the nose prone to implantation of the Virus and to offer him the perfect medium to replicate in the mucosa.

The replication of the Virus leads to the body to the intruder’s attention. It triggers immune responses that are Affected as the disease symptoms, such as fever, aware.

at the same time, however, the viruses are drawn to the nasal mucous membranes by the breath deeper into the body, down into the lungs, where some serious damage can.

Covid-19: vaccination via a nasal spray?

On the Basis of these results, one must consider now whether already to the beginning of a Disease the anti-viral nasal sprays or inhalers may be a useful measure to prevent dangerous foci of infection in the lungs.

Germany’s well-known virologist Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, also concludes in his ‘NRD-Podcast ‘The Coronavirus-Update’ is also a vaccination via inhalation pathways are not.

“This is a big difference whether a substance must first penetrate through the intestine into the blood and from there into the affected tissue or whether it can go directly,” he explains.

Nor would the existence of such a substance, however, but “pharmaceutical companies are already working on it”.

respiratory masks should cover the nose

in Addition, the virologist said, such as face masks should be worn properly.

in everyday life, often observed in the case of mask-makers, the mitbedecken only the mouth but not the nose, titled Drosten as “obviously not well”.

it would not have used the results of the study to know that when you Exhale out of the nose also viruses as well can be,

The correct way to Wear a mouth and nose protection, abschirme openings in both the upper Respiratory tract, therefore, should actually already for a long time as a matter of course count.

Important note: The information in this article is General advice only contain. For the diagnosis of a health problem we recommend visiting by trained and recognised Physicians.


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