The nerves are strained. The tension is now palpable between the good students that wear the mask in all circumstances and those, more or less enamored of their freedom, who refuse to wear it, even in a closed environment. A scene so unlikely that worrying was held on a KLM flight connecting in Amsterdam to Ibiza, which was the seat of a violent fight between two passengers refusing to wear their mask and other passengers wound up and ready to go in the face of irreverence. Stories like this are too many to count, and makes the atmosphere more and more suffocating, both in France and abroad.

Worse still, the tension is at its height in the scientific community between those who predict the worst for the fall, and those who call in to perspective. How to disentangle the true from the false ? Who is right or wrong ? The communication ambiguous, the government did not really help to make an opinion, and we have reason to be worried as the country appears to be deeply divided when it is standing like one man against the first wave, with an exemplary and remarkable.

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Clash of generations

The followers of the conspiracy theory have for their money. The masks would be useless, or even dangerous for the health, the vaccine will be a remedy worse than the disease developed too quickly, it will have side effects frightening, the virus has escaped from a chinese laboratory, the worse it would be the object of attack bacteriological allowing heads of State to establish authoritarian regimes limiting with a crash our individual freedoms. These small songs that are played in mute make their way and some of us begin to doubt, as evidenced by the sharp exchanges on the social networks. The spirits tend to heat up dangerously between the supporters of the health risk of zero, and those who sell the idea that he should leave the herd immunity will settle his account with the virus. During the containment of the “young people” were sacrificed to save the ” old “, it would be them to do it now to save the youth ? Is it really serious ? How did we get here, to see and confront generations ?

The insanity has circulated by capillary action until the scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, emergency physicians, or intensivists who have taken a liking to the exposure to the media and well understood, a speech wrecked their promised to be often invited on tv shows, some of which seem to absolutely love it. The first responsible of them is the most well known is the now famous professor Raoult, whose assertions hasty laid the first stone of the wall of the division. Now, those who want to rely on the opinion of experts is not out of the woods, each developing its reasoning, examples, irrefutable support, to announce that there will be, or not, a second wave.

The number of new cases is exploding – yes, but we test a lot more, and the curve is now the same as in January – yes, but there are masks and herd immunity through cross-immunity, the number of new cases is doubling every day – yes, but there is very little or no hospitalizations. Who is right or wrong ? Probably a little bit of all of the world. Yes, the number of new cases is rapidly increasing, but it is true that we test a lot more. Yes, the number of new hospitalizations groaned, but it was totally predictable. Since it is not necessary to be mistaken about the enemy, there was no question of doing away with the containment, but simply to limit the number of sick at time T for do not exceed the hospital capacities. We knew, and we today experience, he should learn to live with the virus for months or even years. Nothing unusual then to see the number of cases grow, but until now the situation remains under control. On the other hand, there are strong fears that the epidemic is strongest in the fall, not for climate issues which this virus seems to be a file, royally, but because we live much more inside the summer and that the children and students return to the path of the school and universities. However, recent studies seem to demonstrate that they are big propagators of the virus, which will necessarily cause problems upon reentry.

national Union

We, as health professionals, have the duty to remain humble in the face of this virus that seems to thwart all of the scenarios. Nobody is able to predict the future in the short to medium term, it is so easy to take for example the cities that reconfinent to pull the alarm as Barcelona (where the number of new hospitalizations remained very low), it would be just as easy to demonstrate the contrary to the example of New York city, which has experienced a very strong first wave, and where there reigns a flat calm on the plan of the virus activity. No one knows what will happen in the fall, if it is not that the number of cases will increase mechanically. Reconfinerons we ? Locally, probably, in the cities more than the countryside, although the example of Mayenne seems to demonstrate the contrary.

in the Face of a sea of questions without answers, time is to the national union to disunion and to war of ego. Everyone will have been right or wrong at the end and this will be important shortly when we will be able to avoid the disaster of a second massive wave. And there are still reasons to hope, the situation is no longer the same as in February-march. We have tests, of course, insufficient in number, we have masks and, most importantly, we have learned the rules of detachment and physical hygiene elementary. Cease, therefore, from setting us against each other and move forward together, it is together that we will conquer. At the risk of bursting of the social conflicts to which agrégeraient resentments and other issues – legitimate – suffering social.

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