Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for life, the body can not manufacture but even. So why not to take of the valuable fish oil in the Form of capsules, think a lot of people. Are you hoping for, especially protection against cardiovascular diseases. The Stiftung Warentest keeps these dietary supplements for a waste of money. “Capsules with Omega-3 fatty acids are superfluous,” is the verdict in the June issue of the magazine “Test”. There is simply no reason to swallow such preparations.

capsules with Omega-3 fatty acids in the Test

experts for the Stiftung Warentest examined three drugs, as well as 20 food Supplement from pharmacies, drugstores, supermarkets, health food stores and online shops. The valuable fatty acids mostly from fish oil. Some products contain herbal Alternatives in the Form of Flax or algae oil. The good news is that All of the tested products were properly declared. The content of Omega-3 fatty acids corresponded to the information on the package. In any sample contaminants such as pesticides or plasticizers have been found.

The experts hold the Use of capsules with Omega-3 fatty acids, however is not sufficiently proven. “This applies to Healthy how for at-risk patients who have already had a heart attack,” said the Foundation goods test. “Also for other applications such as the prevention of dementia or age-related eye diseases, the experts found no sufficient evidence.”

fish oil is healthy

The myth of the Omega-3 fatty acids began in the ‘ 70s. Danish researchers had found that the Inuit on Greenland rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases. The scientists attributed this to the diet with sea fishing. Fish oil in capsules should henceforth keep city residents healthy. The requirement of Omega-3, let-fatty acids were in this country ceilings according to the Foundation test, even without a fish easily. A teaspoon of linseed oil daily now, and one to two tablespoons of canola oil, or four to five walnuts suffice.

This all-natural “dietary Supplement,” not only brings additional vitamins and minerals. It also saves money. Among other things, Omega-3 fatty acids have been tested for the brands double heart, Tetesept, as well as own brand from Rossmann, DM and DocMorris capsules. The average price for each (of different sizes) per pack ranged from 1,95 Euro to 27,20 euros. The cheapest product were capsules with 5 cents per recommended daily dose of fish oil from Müller. At the other end of the price spectrum, the product of Dr. Loges was 90 cents.

the three over-the-counter drugs failed in the Test. They are approved according to the figures available for the treatment of elevated blood lipid values. “The values will decrease due to these funds. However, it is not sufficiently documented, whether the drugs also prevent the possible consequences of elevated blood fats such as heart attack and stroke, say, is the use of therapeutically something”, stated the expert. Salt-water Trick In strawberries more animal hide than PCP salt water is expected a Trick In strawberries more animal hide than expected

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