An old bit of folk wisdom says: beer on wine, let that be wine on beer, I advise you. So far, it was unclear, however, whether this drinking can reduce the concept of in fact, the severity of the hangover. In a study that has been studied finally in a strictly scientific and at the prestigious British University of Cambridge. A number of the subjects was in the service of science get drunk. The results were published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. (Read here: alcohol Can protect beer against cancer?)

Booze for science

For the Experiment, the scientist Kai Hensel had to first obtain the Okay from the ethics Commission of the University. Then he recruited 90 Volunteers between the ages of 19 and 40 years. These were arranged in three groups with the same gender, similar Body Mass Index and drinking behavior. These in turn were further divided into three groups. All had to drink alcohol, until they had a 1.1 per Mille in the blood – with the difference that you either only beer and wine to be drank or Vice versa know. The third group consumed exclusively beer or white wine.

the study corresponded to the same food, the same long sleep

So even the highest scientific Standards, it was also ensured that all subjects were subject to the same conditions. This meant that All participants got before a standardized meal, which was adjusted to age and gender. In addition, the participants were given just before bedtime, a standardized amount of water and had to sleep in the same environment and a well-defined time. (Read here why poor sleep thick.)

The next Morning: The moment of truth

The next Morning everyone had to rate your hangover on the basis of various physical symptoms. The result: The people’s wisdom is a myth. The order of the drinks makes no difference. Only the drinking quantity decides how miserable we feel the next day. A practical realization, the researchers were still, Who had to be judged in the evening, even as a drunk, or even passed, the feeling the next day is worse than the other participants. It helps, therefore, to pay attention to the signals of your own body.

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