consumers in Germany eat according to a survey of rare meat than a few years ago.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research Institute Forsa on behalf of the Ministry of agriculture, only a quarter of the respondents claimed to eat every day meat or sausage. 2015, the proportion was still a third.

“in Particular, more and more men forgo their daily Portion of meat”, says a press release of the Ministry. Nevertheless, the share of those who daily eat meat is for men, with 32 percent, remains significantly higher than women with 20 percent.

remained Higher prices for animal products.

The proportion of vegetarians and vegans, with five or one percent unchanged, it said further.

Nearly half of the respondents claimed to have already bought once or more vegetarian or vegan Alternatives to animal products. Previously, the “Bild am Sonntag had reported” about the Numbers.

“consumers in Germany, the feed is always varied,” said food Minister Julia Kl√∂ckner (CDU) of the newspaper. “What consumers need, are government regulations for the private shopping list.”

on the Part of the Green about it for some time, demands for higher prices for animal products. In light of the recent debate on working conditions in the meat industry, the topic was again in the foreground.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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