it smells like sweat, metal, soap and excrement, the renowned Austrian psychiatrist, psychologist and neurologist, Reinhard Haller describes the air in the prison. Hundreds of times he breathed in you, than he murderers cooped up in small cells, sex offenders, child molesters and terrorists to sat, in order to explore the backgrounds of their deeds.

Including infamous cases such as Josef Fritzl, who held his own daughter for 24 years in his basement and raped her. Or the “charming” serial killer Jack Unterweger, who has murdered eleven women, as a prison writer in history, and in intellectual circles was celebrated. Or the bomber Franz Fuchs, on the account of racially motivated attacks in Austria in the 90s, in which four people were killed and many were seriously injured. Also Nazi criminals, like the euthanasia doctor Heinrich Gross, were not among them. to do

don’t be a criminal, and with luck,

In his latest book, “The Evil” (Ecowin Verlag, 2020, first edition 2009) tried to Haller, on the basis of his experience and records to approach this difficult and complex and the causes of criminal, sadistic, brutal, and killer drag acts to light. In doing so, he shows that the Evil is no longer just what the mentally deranged criminals of the highest degree have in common. Book recommendation (display)

“The Evil: The psychology of human destructiveness” by Reinhard Haller, 24 Euro

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“The Evil present in every human being,” he says of his Belief in an interview with FOCUS Online. “Perhaps it is only in a verse portion of our Psyche, or in the depths of the Unconscious shaded, perhaps in a form we do not know at all.” Nevertheless, not all are violent offenders, has to do, according to Haller, a piece of luck: “If fate means well with us, we will get to know the Evil in us, never in full.”

“Evil is the absence of empathy,”

But in this case, the Evil in the human mind, is not so easy to a common denominator: “There is no satisfactory Definition, but first and foremost, I would describe it as the absence of empathy,” says the expert. Because the ability to feel compassion, lack of the path to Evil is open.

Even if many other factors are included, allow a human being destructive and evil, there are, according to Haller, a Commonality that he could observe in the case of all criminals: previous slights.

it can cause serious wounds in the human Psyche that defines Haller thus: “injuries sustained vibrations of the Self and its values. They lead to diseases, crises, war and crime,“ explains Haller. An example of this is the five-axis-murder of Kitzbühel, which took place in October 2019 be. Allegedly out of jealousy, what was a completely innocent 25 killed-Year-old his Ex-girlfriend, her parents and her new boyfriend and then the police.

narcissism in our society is increasing rapidly to

As a Problem of our time the criminal sees a psychiatrist, a growing inability to deal with insults how to deal. “We live in a society that wants to be cool – Frustration and negative feelings to fit in there and are embarrassing us.” To make matters worse, an increasing sensitivity is added.

“The narcissism-that is, the I-centeredness is increasing rapidly, so that a Hyper-sensitivity in our society, more and more resistant.” Because narcissists need validation from the outside, to feed your coated I. “The Addiction to admiration, recognition and praise is great – don’t get this device, your self-esteem to falter”, explains Haller.

Why there is always more crime with no discernible motive,

that’s Exactly why another phenomenon of our time, according to Haller, an increase in apparently subject the loser did. Even if it is from a forensic point of view, actually there is no deed without a motive, to take the share subject of low-crime. “Even the most gruesome of crime one finds more and more frequently, only slight causes and small claims-tale motifs,” explains Haller.

About for School killing sprees, says Haller, who wrote, among other things, an opinion on Tim K., 2009, the school shooting rampage in Winnenden 15 people and then himself is not killed, that these offenders are, per se, mentally ill. “It is, as a rule, young people from social conditions.” In almost all cases, it had come before the fact to offence of the offender. This could be in all cases around the world.

causes of narcissism are in education

This development is, according to Haller, in direct connection with the way we our bringing up children today. Through a world suddenly fell, and a pampering at the end of education, we will increase this self-centeredness. This is also a high claim arising attitude and a low tolerance for frustration, if children do not get what you imagine now.

the empathy for others suffer from this Form of education. “Spoiled children don’t develop in the first place, a positive empathy for yourself but for others.” In addition, they tended to “devalue others through cynicism”. Criticism narcissists often respond with unmanageably anger and Aggression.

children need against the wind

Therefore, it is Haller according to extremely important, to find in the education of the correct measurement of time, tenderness and affection. But that does not mean that we elevate our children, continuously, you with praise and admiration, showering, and all the difficulties of the way should rooms. To much of a Good thing is never good.

“children need to learn, with wind, to cope and to solve problems independently,” says the psychiatrist. The top currency in the education of the lute, therefore, “Promote, instead of Pampering”.

sports binds aggression in men

in addition to education, the Sport plays, according to Haller, a great role when it comes to channel aggression caused by injuries or other factors, in a constructive way. “Football, for example, has an enormous aggression-binding function. It is like a kind of substitute war, and allows the acting out of aggressive needs.”

Sport is therefore not only in the child holder is important, but also in adult life. “Most of the crimes are committed by men aged from 18 to 30 years. This is not only that the Hormone is at the highest level, but also with a pent-up Aggression that may be discharged at any time, if he can not be otherwise channeled.” Because men can deal with injuries much worse than women, so Haller.

Even if, ultimately, many factors determine whether and when the Evil in man that breaks, is for the psychiatrist a clear: “man is a universal criminal beings, only through education and experience to the socially acceptable beings.” “There are no rules”: Majorca-Star totally appalled by the Dutch section at the ball man FOCUS Online “There are no rules”: Majorca-Star totally appalled by the Dutch section at the ball man