Specifically, it is the hair follicle and sebaceous glands mites. You will be attacked be transferred from person to person, with babies during the first contact with the mother, as the “√§rzte Zeitung” writes. They occur mainly in the follicles of the face and the hairy scalp.

mite infestation is usually harmless, but it can occur in a sebaceous gland disease

A mite infestation is usually harmless, they belong to the normalfl aura of the people. The mites can also trigger an inflammatory sebaceous glands disease in the face, the so-called demodicosis. According to the journal, the skin is reddened and then, there were papules or pustules occur, the skin may shed and partially itching. A demodicosis appear preferably on the cheek, the chin or the forehead.

Should you be uncertain whether you are affected, you should consult a skin doctor. Tablets and creams to help. In FOCUS Online At FOCUS Online/Wochit In the