Will Young would be happy to sign up to judge the rumoured reboot Pop Idol.

Guilty Pleasures spoke exclusively with the singer, who confirmed that he is interested in returning to the top after winning the 2002 talent contest.

He said, “I have heard the stories, yes, but not concretely,” and added: “I think it would make for a lot of fun, if done right.”

‘Because there is no X Factor it would be brilliant. Pop Idol was only two seasons in the past, so it might be entertaining, and a laugh.

An earlier report stated that ITV bosses had been in discussions to bring back the ITV program, where Simon Cowell was known as Mr Nasty.

Will has a few caveats. He would not accept a seat at judging tables if contestants received mental health care.

He explained that he would need a coach or someone to help him with the task.

“If offered, I would say that, but it would be a part of my job now. I can’t imagine doing it without feeling that people are being taken care of.

The podcast host, 43-year old, shared his wishlist for panellists.

“Someone like Griff would make a great judge.” Laura Marling has seen a lot. Clara Amfo might be a good choice, as she is a musician from another perspective. He then thought about it, before he said, “Imagine if all the judges were lying to me!”

Will returned with his new album 20 Years – The Greatest Hits. In celebration of his TV victory, Will said he was in touch with Gareth Gates, a fellow finalist, but that he had ruled out working with him again after their cover of The Beatles’ The Long and Winding Road.