The “today show” on ZDF in summer. The schedule for the return to television is already certain – the Fans will need to bring a little bit of patience.

Every Friday to work Oliver Welke and his Team in a new episode of “today show” the most important events of the past few days. Used tongue in cheek and pointedly you represent the themes in the satirical ZDF-week in review in a whole new light. Here, you will learn everything there is to shipment , their radiance and summer break the “today show” to know.

Mainz – Once on the day of the “heute journal reported done” about the current world, once a week, which takes “today show” the most important events in a humorous way on the grain. In a news broadcast inspired ZDF-Satire-Show Anchorman Oliver Wilt and his Team can, in principle, is not a topic that has been in the past seven days for headlines.

tongue in cheek, pointedly, humorous, and yet always with a certain fundamental seriousness, the different contributions will be presented, commented on, and thus the most moving news stories to take it up again. At the same time the company the mirror – so as it does Satire just. An interruption, there is a year for the summer break, the “today show”.

“heute-show” (ZDF): when’s the satirical weekly review in the summer break?

over The summer, Fans of the need to be “today show” now but for a few weeks on the news-Satire abandon, because the ZDF Format goes for around three months in summer break . Accordingly, the final output from the 12. June 2020 broadcast, before the “heute-show” on 11. September 2020 – as you can expect, in a new tangy Freshness on the screens and in the living room will return.

In addition, adopt other ZDF formats in the summer break, for example, the talk show with host Markus Lanz. Also weekly political broadcasts to go into the summer break, such as “Anne Will” and “Maischberger. The Week“.

+ Oliver Welke with the “today show”Logo in the year 2009. The first episode was broadcast after that.©dpa / Rolf Venn Bernd

“today show” during the summer break as a repeat in the library

their fan base has the “ built today-show ” in the meantime, for eleven years. The first edition was on 26. May 2009 broadcast, then on a Tuesday, and only once in a month. A little more than half a year later, the satirical ZDF-week in review changed its location to a Friday evening , where he appears today, on a weekly basis.

the Second German television to the home radiates into the weekend is always the Fridays at 22.30 a new edition of the “today show”, which is, among other things, on its sister channel, usually repeatedly. So there’s the “today show” in the ZDF on Sunday at 00.30 Uh r or Mondays at 00.45 PM on ZDFNeo. In addition, the consequences are also available online in the library for retrieval. So the loyal viewers can see during the summer break at least a couple of old episodes of the “today show”.

ZDF news satire Oliver Welke can celebrate 2020 major successes

That Oliver Welke and his Team – including Martina Hill, Christian Ehring, Lutz van der Horst, or the infamous “screamer” Gernot hatred servant alias, Hans-Joachim Heist – now on several different channels your audience to Laugh, and probably even a little Reflection can bring, might be justified.

The “today show” was in recent times a number of successes to celebrate. Of the various awards, for example, the German Comedy award or Bambi apart, is the ZDF Satire also the spectators are becoming more and more popular. The weekly review of a different kind in the year 2020 achieved average to 5.22 million viewers with a total market share of 20 percent, and could set up for a new best value . A very different record could also be the “Pandemimi Album”, which was announced by the “today show” joke, half-inspired by the new cult of German virologists.

On the usual Highlights, the Fans have to do without during the summer break, the “today show”.

“today show” came before the summer break still in the headlines

the today “show” in the same year is not only gratifying, but also a sad reason for headlines provided, after Masked work a camera crew after the shooting, during a Demonstration against the Corona pads on on 1. May in Berlin attacked had. Six people were injured, according to ZDF-information, and had to be taken to the hospital. The police of offenders from the left of the scene. In front of the Berlin Reichstag building, it came in a non-approved so-called Hygiene-Demo against the Corona restrictions at almost the same time to a similar attack on a German camera team.

In the next, to the incidents following the new edition of the “today show,” responded the Oliver Welke with a pretty direct words to the incidents: “As you wonder: Is it really consistently, on the edge of events, the supposedly fundamental rights, especially the freedom of the press in the truest sense of the word, with feet? As a little brain teaser challenge for upcoming Demos and easy-pastoral conclusion.“