Ricky Gervais was shocked to see Alex Jones and Jermaine Jeanas on The One Show host Alex Jones take aback when he spoke out about his own mortality on Tuesday on the BBC programme

Ricky Gervais surprised The One Show hosts on Tuesday when he switched the conversation to a surprising topic.

After Life comedian, 60-year-old, met with Jermaine Jenas and Alex Jones to discuss SuperNature, his Netflix special.

The controversial comedian, who was unable to speak in public during the interview, left the BBC presenters speechless as he spoke out about his own mortality.

Alex and Jermaine asked the comedian about his comedy and whether he was willing to discuss “taboo” topics.

The conversation took a dark turn when Gervais said: “I’m fat, old, and I’m going soon to die.”

Alex, shocked by his comments, refused to believe them and corrected him saying: “No you are not.”

Gervais, however, was firm in his position and responded: “I am,” before adding “I’ve brought this down haven’t you?”

Jermaine made a joke and urged Gervais “lift it back up”.

Ricky continued on the subject and said: “Everyday I’m closer towards death.”

Alex said that we were all closer to death than we think. He then added: “Everyday is a greater percentage of your rest of life and we don’t know what percentage it will be.” “If I died tomorrow, it would be 50 percent.”

Jermaine, stunned, admitted that he didn’t expect this. Before Alex changed the subject, this is not something I expected to see on the show.

Gervais explained the purpose of the new Netflix series by saying: “I debunk supernaturalism and conclude that nature is sufficient.”

“We don’t need unicorns. We’ve got the octopus. It’s all nature, humanity, warts, and all. It’s the best and worst parts of being alive.

He explained that the audience enjoys the jokes about comedians’ wealth because they “know what I’m doing”.

He stated, “I go out wearing bad jeans and drinking from a can of beer. We are jesters, so we must be with the crowd laughing at the King.

“I do it in two ways. One, I let them see behind the curtain. I tell them all the horrible things that have happened to me, the terrible tweets and the terrible press. I also talk about people who are better off than I am.