Some people on this beautiful planet we call home have the opportunity to create a lifestyle that allows them to live lavishly. Movie stars, artists, singers, politicians, and athletes are a few different types of these people who get to enjoy the ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.’ From car collections worth $800k to mansions with built-in wine cellars, the lifestyles of the rich are something to be envious of. If you have ever been curious about the very talented footballers of Arsenal Football Club, keep reading to discover some of the most luxurious houses owned by your favorite Arsenal Football Club stars.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

According to Wikipedia, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined Arsenal Football Club on January 31, 2018. While living in North London, Pierre-Emerick built a home for his family that we can all be jealous of. Wanting to keep his family close to his career, Pierre-Emerick built a seven-bedroom home in place of the 1930s house that was standing in its place. Pierre-Emerick, an avid car enthusiast with enough cars to form his own car club, started at the ground level and built himself an immense underground car park. The place Pierre-Emerick calls home, complete with a gym, bar, indoor swimming pool, and jacuzzi, cost the Arsenal star $6.6 million.

Mesut Ozil

In 2016, Mesut Ozil made one of the most challenging decisions a home buyer could ever make. He decided to purchase a $10 million home in North London. According to CaanDesign, this lavish home was designed by the very talented Harrison Varma and is absolutely grand. The mansion, which includes a movie theatre, a massive car garage, and a bar, is where Ozil and his family call home. With a room dedicated entirely to his sneaker collection, and marble imported from Ozil’s homeland of Tukey, Mesut Ozil is indeed living a life we can all be jealous of.

Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey is well-known to the world as a mind-blowing footballer and for buying one of the most expensive homes in Wales. In 2017, Ramsey purchased his $4.5 million home to go along with his FA Cup triumph. This 5-bedroom mansion includes a three-hole golf course Ramsey often uses, a tennis court, and a big enough pool to fit the entire Arsenal team. Assuming that the builder knew homeowners would want to entertain plenty of guests, he ensured that the house’s large bar area would receive attention from Aaron and his friends.

Bukayo Saka

Considering he joined Arsenal FC at the young age of 17, Bukayo Saka purchased his first home soon after turning 18. Most people start off in a modest family home, but Saka is not a typical homeowner, and neither is his home. Costing Bukayo Saka an incredible $2.7 million, his new home boasts six bedrooms with walk-in closets, a spa, and a luxurious pool complete with the perfect view of his own playing field. Coming from modest beginnings, Bukayo Saka has earned the lifestyle he enjoys today.

Following the Arsenal Football Club is something done by millions of fans all over the world. Typically, fans watch from the sidelines or in front of a TV. Being able to see how your favorite players live when they are off the field is something we can only hope for, so getting a glimpse into their private lives is more than enjoyable. After reading this today, have you decided who has your favorite home? Was it Saka’s home with his own playing field, or was it Pierre-Emerick’s home with an underground car park? Either way, all their homes are certainly something to be envious of.