In 2008, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift briefly dated.

All wounds are healed by time — even Joe Jonas’s once-in-a-lifetime affair with Taylor Swift.

The Jonas Brothers performed “Much Better”, a track from 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times, during Friday’s first of five-night residency at Park MGM’s Dolby Live theatre in Las Vegas. They also altered a lyric that was long believed to be about Swift, 32.

Joe, 32, sings the song’s opening line in the album version. Fans have taken this as Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar”, which they interpret as a reference.

While performing in Las Vegas, DNCE’s frontman sang “Now I’m Cool with Superstars” and was cheered by his fans.

Joe and Swift were reportedly in a relationship for a while in 2008. Swift claimed that he ended up breaking up with Swift over the phone during a appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show later that year. Swift was promoting Fearless at the time and said that the song “Forever & Always”, which was about Joe, was hers.

Swift stated that Swift had only one song about Jonas, but that man is no longer in her life.

She continued, “You know what it’s like when I find the right person for me, and that person will be wonderful and I’ll not be able to even remember the boy with whom I broke up over the phone in 25 second when I was 18, and that’s all I can think of.” I looked at the call log and it was almost 27 seconds. This must be a record!

Swift’s claims were responded to by Joe via MySpace. He wrote that Swift’s claims were concerning to him via MySpace.

“Those feelings were clearly not well received. I didn’t end the conversation. “Someone else did,” the ex-camp rock star said. “Phone calls are only as good as the person who answers the phone is available to talk.”