shower gel in every bathroom, but there are significant differences in quality. If you have access to the following products, you are on the safe side.

you tend to natural cosmetics*? More so: In Ökotest all of the background natural cosmetic brands cut very well. Of 50 tested shower gels and cream showers ten products not convince in the Test. One of the recommended shower gels are also a popular brand. The product is a questionable preservatives has been demonstrated.

showering in the Evening, the sun cream or after Sport, a dip, Many make daily use of shower gel, which comes in many different designs therefore. Mango-vanilla scent, a sparkling pink red shower foam and attractive bottle: The Consumer has in the drugstore, and pharmacy, the agony of the choice, which product to buy. the first and foremost, is the product compatible with the skin will be , but also on the environmental impact, more and more people attach great value.

consumer magazine Ökotest has 50 refreshing shower gels and cream showers tested on these aspects.

Including well-known brands such as Nivea, shower, and Fa and also in-house brands from supermarkets, discounters and drugstores . In the laboratory, the products have been tested, among other things, to Allergy-causing fragrances, harmful formaldehyde/ – releasers, and other harmful substances. Also included are plastics, which pollute the waters, were included in the overall assessment.

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shower gels in Ökotest: “The result is pleasing,”

“The result is pleasing: 16 we evaluate the best based, a further 24 are “good”. This means that We can recommend 80 percent of the tested shower gels with a clear Conscience or at least with small restrictions”, – is spoken in the publication of Ökotest. the natural cosmetics convinced : All 16 of the products tested performed very well, including:

Alverde care-shower organic mint leaves, organic bergamot dm Dresdner essence of care shower Every day is an adventure! Li-iL Lavera High Vitality care shower organic Orange & organic mint Carried No Planet B shower gel invigorates with organic Mädesüss & organic tangerine from No Planet B, Weleda sea buckthorn vitalizing shower of Weleda

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tail light in the Test Note 6: Dove Rich care shower

however, There are also manufacturers, the harmful fragrances and skin-irritating preservatives to use. Five products failed due to critical ingredients in Ökotest, including the Dove Rich care shower of Unilever. The test loser with the overall rating of “Unsatisfactory” contains formaldehyde/-releasers as preservatives, which can already cause small amounts of the mucous membranes and allergies. “With the start of production in June, 2020, the product will come soon without formaldehyde/-releasers and halogenated organic Compounds in the trade,” – said in a note Ökotest.

Other products, the substances on the basis of their skin, and are harmful to the environment content with the overall assessment ” deficient “, identified by:

Bebe Soft Shower Cream Original Source Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Palmolive Naturals Sensitive shower Cream with milk proteins Vandini Nutri care shower peony blossom & argan oil

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avoid plastic for the sake of the environment, solid shower gel available

As an environmental problem, a thorn in the eye is Ökotest materials, the use of art in shower gels. “You are not in cosmetics, only in solid Form as micro-plastic, but very often also in gel-like or liquid consistency. For the environment, the soluble synthetic polymers are problematic, since they are depending on the connection, more or less persistent. Although sewage treatment plants remove a large part of the sewage: the sewage sludge, they end up on the fields and may be eventually to our plates”, so Ökotest. Also harmful to the environment: plastic waste generated by plastic bottles filled with shower gel. are An excellent Alternative to a fixed shower gels, the appearance of soap-like a piece of and also be applied .

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