good luck had six teenagers in Wolfsburg. In the case of dangerous car Stunts, you would have slipped almost of a Parking garage, and from a dizzying height.

young people in the Wolfsburg games in car Stunts on a car Park with your life As you in control of your vehicle, they lose almost into the floor loose railings on the car Park deck to save your life

Wolfsburg – the guardian angel of six young to Wolfsburg have been for a long time, particularly well. On early Sunday morning, 18 had lost Years of control of the vehicle – in the case of dangerous car-Stunts on the top deck of a five-storey Park house .

With its five riders, he popped after a failed stunt attempt in the fall protection , which brought the wagon to a stop. Without railing , the six teenagers had fallen 15 meters in depth!

By car-Stunt: young people slipping almost from the wolf Park Burger house

The police in Wolfsburg, assumes that the Arm has lost its “arc of travel”, due to excessive speed, the control of the vehicle . Only with a lot of luck, the car , after about 40 meters in the massive fall protection caught . On images, it is easy to see that the vehicle dangling from the front is already dangerously over the abyss.

+ The Front of the vehicle dangling perilously over the abyss©police Wolfsburg

good luck for the young: After a car Stunt almost of Park house

According to the police all Six came up with the horror of it, and fortunately, have remained unharmed. like Against the 18-year-old driver in a criminal case because of the hazard of road transport has been initiated. In addition, his driver’s license from the police has been suspended. The damage to the vehicle and the railing is approximately 10,000 euros.

+ That would have rides for six young people in Wolfsburg are also in the eye©police Wolfsburg

Arch – or “Donuts” as they are called, are popular among the fans. In this case, be rotated at the so-called drift circles, in connection with a corresponding rubber footprint on the tarmac. A Donut, you should not turn in the public road transport* better, not more than maybe eat. Other road users are endangered or in the worst case, even injured, may face stiff penalties. The 18-year-old circle gifhorner can sing now a song. * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network