SV Werder Bremen will play on Tuesday in the Bundesliga against Borussia Mönchengladbach, and will finally lead to a turnaround in the crisis. The preliminary report of the dyke tube*.

Bremen – Who was taken as a child once on the hot stove knows Better not to do that again, it hurts. And who has hoped for this season, as a Fan of Werder Bremen to turn to the Good, to know: hurts Better not to do that again, too. But all the painful experiences, in Spite of is the Belief that everything is still good, even after the 1:0 victory in the Bundesliga Penultimate awakened at SC Freiburg. The hard-won success as a change of course? It would be nice for Werder, but the story of this season says something else. And this is not a good Omen for the home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Tuesday (20.30, Live-Ticker in the embankment tube).

round 13, a 3:2 VfL Wolfsburg delivered. Round 14 then 0:1 at home against SC Paderborn. On Matchday 18 Werder 1:0 Fortuna Düsseldorf won the game it lost was against 1899 Hoffenheim with a Bang 0:3. And the sensational 3:2 in the second round of the DFB Cup against Borussia Dortmund, a more than sobering 0:2 home defeat against Union Berlin. Or in other words: Hardly had this season, a tender Smile in the Bremen faces swollen, there was the next uppercut. And what had the appearance of the end point of a crisis and the start point of a boom , was to have been only a straw fire.

Werder Bremen need to beef up the League-crisis against Gladbach

This explains why Werder Coach Florian Kohfeldt with the recent 1:0 handle in Freiburg, so be careful, and also for Werder Bremen beneficial results to the competitors little emotional comments. “I don’t concern myself with what the others are doing. We need to score – the other is coming or not coming.“

in fact, noise does not help the end of Mainz’s low-like 0:5 against Leipzig or Last-Minute goals against Fortuna Dusseldorf in the 2:2 in Cologne, anything, when Werder now have the own We-won-what-now-complex ab -, and with results upgrades the application. Kohfeldt: “I will build that for us really, everyone has understood that we now have only Finals. We cannot allow ourselves to come back in a different shape than on Saturday.“

Werder Bremen hopes against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Learning

As agreed with commitment and passion, as Werder Bremen joined as a Team that pushes with all his might against the descent . And yet, the performance of Freiburg against the table, the fifth will range from the lower Rhine, warns head of sports Frank Baumann: “ Gladbach is an absolute Top Team, because we need to put again created a masterpiece.” And Kohfeldt in the hope that the important 1:brought to 0 finally, the learning effect had not delivered the other wins: “I hope that the success of the team gives us confidence that we can win games. And I hope that the team has seen exactly what we need to win these games.“

of Course, he has said sentences like these also to Wolfsburg, Düsseldorf and Dortmund. And, of course, he currently thinks of it, why still always been followed by setbacks. “That was the main point that we have discussed in the past one and a half days with my team of trainers and keeps me very busy,” said Kohfeldt. His boss Frank Baumann would be to ignore the issue on the loved one: “It plays no role, which was in January, February or in the last autumn.” (csa)

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