descent into the Second Bundesliga, or even the rescue in the Relegation? For the SV Werder Bremen from the 1. FC Köln on Saturday at all. The preliminary report of the dyke tube*.

Bremen – Saturday, 27. June 2020: this Is the day that the Bundesliga a your glory loses richest tradition of the clubs? The day that Werder Bremen for the second Time after 1980 in the second division, it must descend? Four-times German Champions at the last round of the season, already with one foot in the Second League.

In the remote duel with Fortuna Düsseldorf, a medium-sized football-the wonders of you need for it to create the Bremen in the Relegation . Much more likely is it that after the game of Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln (15.30, Weser stadium, with a Live-Ticker of the embankment tube) is the direct descent . But coach Florian Kohfeldt still believes in the rescue and has a clear mandate to his players: “knife between the teeth – and get out!” The facts, hopes and possibilities prior to the date of the decision:

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln: The output location

The Situation is dramatic, much more dramatic even than in 2016, as by a Last-Minute victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in the classes hold succeeded. Currently, Werder Bremen two points and four goals behind Fortuna Düsseldorf in the relegation rank is. Means: A private victory over Köln is compulsory, and Union Berlin needs to protect against Düsseldorf assistance in the Form of a tie or even better a victory make. Impossible? No, says Kohfeldt: “We have a residual chance, of the is not incredibly large, we also know. But it is not hopeless.“

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln: The preparation

Werder had thought of a short training camp to team-building Events, but then discarded both, because within the existing Anti-Corona rules, nothing meaningful would have been possible. It remained in the overall processes with a slightly modified training program. “It were shorter, but more intensive units. Less tactics, more competition mode“ – it describes Florian Kohfeldt . And in the round against the 1. FC Köln , there is again an Extra injection of Motivation for all. Kohfeldt doesn’t reveal too much: “We have considered some things, to the emotionality of fuel before the game. What, exactly, I can’t tell you now.“ Possible that the pros get Videos from mitfieber Fans to see. Maybe even Videos of Fan events in the past. Because in order to arouse emotions, there is nothing Better.

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln: The right tactics

Werder Bremen has to win. Point. So it may be on the court, only the forward gear, or Florian Kohfeldt? “We will try the game with a certain degree of Balance to address. Cologne will definitely not roll over, but will keep it. From our basic alignment and basic positions of the pendulum is but rather the direction of the Offensive as a Defensive exclusive.“ Logically, because without goals, no victory.

it Should work in Berlin on a draw of Fortuna Düsseldorf in addition, there is a need of Werder Bremen a victory with four goals , to climb on the 16. And because these four goals can not be achieved just in the last five minutes, Werder obliged to fast for clear conditions. However, it can also lead to the Situation that a 1:0 must be defended. It’s tricky situations threaten. Kohfeldt: “The dynamics of our game can also develop from the dynamics of the game in Berlin.”

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln: The right staff

needs Who needs a goals scorer. the Niclas Füllkrug , for example. However, after his long injury break and some part-time jobs in the 27-Year-old is not yet fit for 90 minutes. Coach Kohfeldt thought of yet, to put him in the Werder game against Cologne in the starting line-up. “I decided to not have me but still,” he says. The last had shown himself in Mainz, that Werder Bremen while initially an Attack roll, but no one was there, turned the chances.

to take The risk with Füllkrug, therefore remains an Option. “You can now have the legitimate hopes. that Niclas 55, can maybe play 60 minutes. But to be able to him from the bench when you need one at the end of nor gates, is also an important aspect,“ explains Kohfeldt. It is clear that he retains Claudio Pizarro in his potentially last game of career as as an ACE in the Sleeve: “He can still deliver a sporty Moment. 10, 15 minutes are possible with him. The nose he still has.“

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Köln: The connection to Berlin

of Course, Werder Bremen will always know how it is in the parallel game between Union Berlin and Fortuna Düsseldorf . “We will have someone on the bench that is informed about the Internet,” says head of sports Frank Baumann. Which is not to say, however, that any development in Berlin, directly at the Bremen players. “How do we inform the crew, when we would like to inform you, as we have discussed, will decide during the game. This belongs to the dynamics of it,“ said Kohfeldt.

Werder Bremen against 1. FC Cologne Fans at the stadium

No Green-White-Wonderwall, not a Fan trellis for the team bus – all of which is currently prohibited due to the Corona pads. And Werder Bremen do not ask Fans , to come to the Weser stadium, no matter how the season turns out. “I appeal with a heavy heart, remember: Please stay home! We have a total social Situation which is more important than our relegation , “ says coach Kohfeldt, whose future will be discussed at Werder after the season. Head of sports, Baumann know more: “My knowledge is that no major accumulations are expected at the stadium. Our Fans have been exemplary. I hope that it stays that way. But we have to wait and see how the Situation develops.“ (csa)* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.