Since Sunday, it has to rain hardly stopped. What some people a pain, is good for the nature.

County– The heavy rainfall of the past days in the rural district of Starnberg is not the danger of flooding, such as in counties further to the East. The rain amounts, however, were quite remarkable: Until yesterday afternoon, the field at a measuring station, for example, in Roth, some 100 litres of precipitation per square meter within one week measured. This corresponds approximately to the Total balance on the June 2020, almost ten times the same period last year. The same applies to Gilching, there are around 100 litres in the past days, and about 125 litres in the previous June.

On lake Starnberg, however, so not much came from the sky – around 75 litres per square metre within the last week, and about 110 liters in the first 15 days of June.

water level in the lake Starnberg is just five inches higher

The level has risen, but not very – at lake Starnberg five centimeters, which is due to feed through the groundwater, but even more. Am Ammersee, there were 20 centimeters, what is not for local circumstances. Forecasts yesterday showed no evidence that high-water alarm levels are reached.

A blessing for farmers

fire Department operations, values, it came on Monday. In some Places the water was, as always, in the case of heavy rainfalls, such as in underpasses like at Mix sedges. For the farmers the rain is a blessing: According to the data of the Helmholtz center (drought monitor) is for plants enough water in the soil available. Farmers-Chairman Georg Zankl is happy about the rain. “So far, it has always been scarce,” he says. Too much rain can also damage that is currently the case.