He attacked first, to be the victim, then the perpetrator flees the scene of the crime on the open road. Now he was arrested.

A man was attacked in Traunreut on the open road. A still unidentified man injured him severely with a sharp object. The police has arrested the alleged perpetrators, in the meantime, feast.

Update from 23. May 2020, 19.30 PM: After the bloody Außeineandersetzung the suspects could not be found initially. However, in the course of the investigation measures it was on Saturday afternoon, 23. In may 2020, in his apartment in Traunreut found, and ultimately from the police with no resistance, be detained.

The office of the public Prosecutor of Traunstein had obtained in the course of the day, a warrant the 23-Year-old for attempted murder. He is the investigating judge.

Traunreut: man attacked a 20-Year-old on the open road – police are searching for offenders

initial message of 23. May 2020:

Traunreut/Traunstein – What was the trigger for the clash is not yet known, but a dispute on the open road ended with a 20-Year-old bloody.

Like the police upper Bavaria South on Saturday telling, it came late on Friday evening at around 22.30, in Traunreut on the open road to a confrontation. Accordingly, the offender and his later victims in the Werner met-von-Siemens-Straße to each other.

Traunstein: man injured 20-Year-old hard – then he escapes

First of all, it should be to come to a verbal altercation. But shortly thereafter, the culprit attacked the 20-Year-old with a sharp object and injured him severely. As the witnesses were on the attack attention, the man fled from the scene of the crime. According to him, is now wanted by the police.

The 20-year-old victim was immediately admitted to a hospital. The young man suffered in the attack serious but not life-threatening injuries . An immediately initiated investigation of the police after the perpetrators went so far without result.

Traunstein: police are searching for urgent Tatverdächtigem

in the night the apartment of a strongly suspects in Traunreut was searched, including special forces of the police were used. The suspects not been encountered, however, in his apartment, according to him, is now wanted by the police.

Under the property management of the prosecution Traunstein the criminal investigation is now due to an attempted Homicide .

A man attacked in March, several passers-by in Augsburg with a Machete. He also struck on a bus. The criminal investigation is determined.

In Munich, an accident, a cyclist involved in a fatal the culprit flees. The police have an APB out now publicly with pictures, the funeral will be broadcast live on the Internet.