In the small west jutland village Bonnet asking all the same questions these days.

“How can a man continue to exercise violence and threaten other citizens in the village, without the police or the municipality will do something about it?”

The past year and a half, Bonnet 180 citizens namely experienced a little of each with one single man with the nickname ‘the iron Rod’, which B. T. has described in several articles in recent days.

He has assaulted two people. Thrown iron bars against a third. Knocked out after a fourth. And so we have not mentioned the countless threats of beatings with everything from a baseball bat to a motorcykelhjelm.

in Fact, you can see below an overview of either the threats or the violence to which he has directed at several of the village residents.

B. T. has spoken to several citizens in the Bonnet, which has come so far that they are considering to vacate the village and they all agree that it is “completely crazy” that the ‘Rod of iron’ has not been stopped.

“He has so long taken an entire village hostage, and it is not going over, before he is gone from here. But the police seem obviously not, something must be done.”

But now, you’re probably thinking – why is it that the police do nothing?

It will B. T. very much like to give you the answer, and therefore we have also contacted the Mid – and Vestjyllands Police, but politikredsens inspector, Ole Henriksen, just want to speak:

“This is a terrible case for all parties, that we are aware of. Therefore, we will also be more visible out there, and it was also in the Monday.”

Through the several citizens from the Bonnet, which have been in contact with the police over the past year and a half, may B. T., however, note the major lines.

When the ‘Rod of iron’ for a year and a half ago attacked his neighbor two times, he was charged with serious violence, but this case is not yet completed.

According to several citizens due to the fact that there have been problems with a mentalundersøgelse of the 50-year-old man, and that he also has the ditch several decisions in connection with the voldssigtelsen.

When the ‘Rod of iron’ so in the summer it was charged with attempt aggravated assault against Maria Kiesbye Damborg, selected Middle – and Vestjyllands Police to produce him in grundlovsforhør with order pre-trial detention. The judge ruled on pre-trial detention for one month, but just a day later selected the high court to reverse the decision and release the man.

much To the disappointment of the citizens of the Bonnet.

“When he was finally in custody, it was like at the liberation 4. may, evening: People came out on the streets, now he finally was gone. It was really a liberation. But then went one and a half days, and then he was here, suddenly again, because the high court had released him. And then there was such fear back. All were and are deeply frustrated and scared,” says Maria Kiesbye Damborg.

half A year after the episode – in Wednesday – it was so Kirsten Didriksen, who was a victim of ‘the Rod’, as she was toppled of his bike and beaten on the shoulder with clenched fist.

Here selected Middle – and Vestjyllands Police to interrogate the man. But the police did not try to get him in custody, because the court of appeal in the summer had overturned their decision. The part has politikredsen confirmed to the B. T.

But the municipality can’t do anything?

for B. T. informs Lemvig Municipality, that have been addressed to ‘the Rod’ in order to resolve the situation, but he has not wanted to engage in a voluntary dialogue.

B. T. has also contacted Police to ask if it really can be true that the ‘Rod of iron’ can continue to move around in the village with all its cases, but the national Police whereas Middle – and Vestjyllands Police statements.

B. T. has also made contact to the ministry of Justice to provide justice minister Nick Hækkerup the same question, but he does not want to comment on the case.