It was the pranks that went too far, says the explanation from the two young boys, at the weekend, treading the loose on a police car.

Tramperiet resulted in a shattered windshield – something that could have had serious consequences if the police car suddenly was on the urgent.

the Consequences of it, however, for the two boys, who have reported themselves to the police in Holstebro after a video of them, which bounced around in the car, had been shared. The explanation from the 17-year-old and 18-year-old is that it was pranks.

“They have been in a good mood when it happened. It has probably not been their intention to destroy the windscreen, conversely, one must say that, when you run over a car, one must anticipate that there will be damage,” says police commissioner by lokalpolitiet in Holstebro, Knud Lauridsen, B. T.

According to Knud Lauridsen, explained to the boys that they have seen the videos on the internet, where others run up on a police car.

On the windscreens on the politibilerne in the videos also are being trampled in pieces, reporting the story is not anything about it, but the boys in the town are in each case charged with vandalism.

“They are charged with vandalism, yes, and we encounter the claim. 11.400 is, what it costs to put a new windscreen in a patruljebil. They are also sentenced to a fine,” says Knud Lauridsen and explains that it is not the first time police in the town have experienced similar cases

“The last we had, that made the stunt, got a fine of 3000,” he says, adding that it plans to fine at the two boys will be on roughly the same.