Nine celebrity couples give up for “the summer house of the Stars”, her luxurious life. But it gets worse: On the RTL-farm prevails Drill, dictatorship, and obedience.

+ Strict RTL rules to ensure that the “summer home of the Stars” for Drill, order, and obedience (Assembly).©Jens Schierenbeck/picture-alliance/dpa & Stefan Gregorowius/TVNOW

Bocholt, Germany – Since the beginning of June, nine celebrity couples fighting in the “the summer home of the Stars” to the title and on a dingy farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, including cow-Pups. But it> summer house gets worse: In the fifth <strong season, the strengeRTL-Regelwerkfür Drill, dictatorship, and obedience.

in order for power”, The summer home of the Stars” secretly, the great brother “Big Brother” on Sat.1 pretty competitive – RTL is watching you. The wars with the relaxing holiday right in the middle of Nowhere.


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