dance fans in Germany are eagerly awaiting this date: On 21. February starts the new season of the RTL Show “Let’s Dance”. Here there is all information about the popular show.

13. Season of Let’s Dance starts at 21. February. The Moderation, again, Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich. 14 candidates fight the dance crown.

Update from 23. May: And that’s about it again with the 13. Season of “Let’s Dance” . the winner is Lili Paul-Roncalli , and Moritz, Hans (2nd place.) and Luca Hänni (3rd place). This Finale was the point of the strongest and best in the previous “Let’s Dance”-story, even if RTL is accused of siegerkür of Manipulation. However, it was simply spectacular.

“Let’s Dance”: That was the 13. Season

Cologne, Germany – Soon the celebrities on TV are allowed to swing back on the dance floor: On 21. February starts on RTL , at 20:15 at the 13. Season of the popular show Let’s Dance . Moderated is Let’s Dance again this year of Victoria Swarovski and Daniel Hartwich . Familiar faces in the Jury*: Motsi Mabuse, Joachim Llambi and Jorge Gonzalez, the Performance of the dance are rate pairs. The dancing is usually from the start of the show, every Friday at 20.15 clock. All broadcast dates* we have summarized here for you.

Let’s Dance 2020: Star this year, is probably item Wendler-girlfriend Laura Müller

The Star of this year’s Show Wendler is likely to be-friend Laura Johnson . The 19-Year-old could steal the other participants in the Show – not least because they provided only recently with the revealing photos in Playboy* for headlines. At the end of February, the men’s magazine showed more previously unreleased photos from Laura Mueller*.

On Instagram she’s doing kund at least their anticipation: “In a few days, let’s go!”, she writes, she has posted a video clip in which she stands behind a back – and-forth dangling Golden disco ball and kiss hands.

see go you this post on Instagram to

In a few days’s! Then dancing… @letsdance What do you think: What professional dancer would I get as a dance partner? From the 21.02.2020 LIVE on

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Let’s Dance 2020: These celebrity candidates

But of course Laura Johnson is not the only Participant in the entire starting field of the (more or less) celebrity dancers:


Known as:

Ilka Bessin*

comedian (48)

Sükrü Pehlivan*

Moderator (47)

Ulrike von der Groeben*

RTL-moderator (62)

Martin Klempnow*

actor (46)

Laura Müller*

the Model, the Wendler-girlfriend (19)

Luca Hänni*

singer (25)

Steffi Jones*

football player (47)

John Kelly*

musician (52)

Lili Paul-Roncalli*

artist (21)

Tijan Njie*

actor (28)

Loiza Lamers*

Model (24)


Ex-professional football player (46)

Moritz, Hans*

athletes (23)

Sabrina Setlur*

rapper (46)

A detailed article to all the candidates of the current Let’s-Dance-season visit*. Also, you keep how always up to date on what celebrities are still in the process*.

Dance with The professional dancers of Let’s: Here there are personnel changes

All Fans of the professional dancers Ekaterina Leonova* are likely to be disappointed: it is in the 13. Season of “Let’s Dance” not be. They had cleared away last year, even with Pascal Hens the victory. Also Katja Kalugina and Evgeny Vinokurov will be missing this year. The good news is that most of The other familiar faces are back on Board – among other things, Isabel Edvardsson, Erich Klann and Massimo Sinató. Furthermore, Marta Arndt, Robert Beitsch, Regina Luca, Christina air, Renata Lusin, Valentin Lusin, Kathrin Menzinger, Christian Polanc, Andrzej Cibis, Alona Uehlin, as well as Nikita Kuzmin are:.

Let’s Dance 2020: the dancers will be evaluated:

so Far, was the rating the Dance pairings according to the following mode: To reach each of the three Jury -members awards a score of up to ten points (maximum score), for each pairing of up to 30 points per dance, therefore, are at a maximum. The points will be converted in a rank . 14 participants the Couple receives in the last place a point , the leading Pair gets 14 points. This assessment is dependent on the number of pairs that are still in the race. Only eight couples, the maximum achievable rating eight points. In addition, the audience are allowed to vote on the performance of the participants – these votes are translated in exactly those point standings. At the end both scores are added together and the Couple with the lowest item number the dance show is over.

Let’s Dance 2019: This Couple has won in the past year:

For the 12. Season of the dance show brought in Ex-professional Handball, Pascal Hens* and its partner , the professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova the crown. A record: Leonova had reached for the third Time in a row with your celebrity dance partner the win – in the same way as in the previous years, with Ingolf Lück and Gil Ofarim. Place in 2019, landed the singer Ella Finally with her professional partner Valentin Lusin, rank, three took martial arts master Benjamin Piwko with the professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson. In the last season it had been made in the participants a small Sensation: the first same-sex dance couple! The singer Kerstin Ott had gone with the professional dancer Regina Luca* at the Start. In the fifth episode left Ott and your partner from. The Bizarre thing is: The singer had to eliminate previously required, and their Fans asked for you to call. The acts flew and as Ott out, they cheered happily on the dance floor*, while Regina broke out in tears . In the social media and also in the case of a Juror Joachim Llambi had caused outrage.

So starting with Let’s Dance all Start in the year 2006:

The first season of Let’s Dance was released in the year 2006, will be recorded in Cologne . In the case of the shipment is a German variant the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing”. Further adaptations of the US Version of “Dancing with the Stars”, in Austria, the show “”Dancing Stars “called”. In the Jury of Let’s Dance, Joachim Llambi is set for the first season, his colleagues have changed, however: Among other things also Harald Glööckler, Katarina Witt or Maite Kelly rated the dancers. Last Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez, were fixed sizes to Llambis page. The male Part of the moderation Duos since 2010, Daniel Hartwich the first two seasons had moderated the actor Hape Kerkeling. Since 2018 Victoria leads Swarovski hard jerk off side by the shipment, their predecessors were Sylvie Meis and Nazan Eckes.

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