In the city Council is to be completed the first design phase of the urban land-use planning for the “rock and Maier-Area”. The BI “life value Moosburg” is now trying to block the request.

Moosburg point 4 of the agenda in the Moosburg city Council meeting next Monday (19 PM, Stadthalle) is not likely to go quietly: While the city Council wants to leave the body of the decision on Interpretation of the zoning “rock Maier-Area” voting, the formation of extra-parliamentary resistance. Because the BI “life value Moosburg” calls the procedure to freeze.

The interpretation of a resolution of the city Council advises on the received suggestions and opinions. Agree, the specified land-use plan is designed to be open to the public. However, significant improvements should be taken into account, is played the Ball back to the administration – with the order to Change. That there are elemental objections, shows an application of the BI. It calls on the city Council, the position of the design decision. From their point of view a variety of information had not been presented “sufficient and therefore, a decision concerning the public interpretation of the development plan is the current point in time is premature”.

“the time of the traffic measurement unsuitable”

such As BI-spokesman Uwe Nelkel stresses, have it in an info event for the BI at 14. May found that “important points had not been taken into account to assess the traffic to the realization of the rock and Maier-area”. So is about on current construction projects and their impact on the development of transport is not received. Also, the pedestrian and Bicycle traffic, as well as a variety of risk had not been taken into account points to roads in the district. On top of that, the timing of the traffic measurement was unsuitable, as Nelkel criticized: “The measurement was not carried out according to the engineering office in time for lunch” – this was in the case of the industrial road but important as you will cross from 11.30 to 13.15 of hundreds of students.

Also in the area of Social infrastructure there is a need for clarification. Nelkel: “In Moosburg is a lack of currently School, Kindergarten and crèche places.” By the Corona-crisis, the Situation aggravated again, since some of the social projects would be postponed.

settlement pressure as the main argument questioned

Third, the BI lists the areas of “Sewerage and district heating”. Here they wanted to know how the new territory should be connected and whether the capacity was sufficient at all. Final BI-speaker Nelkel questioning the “alleged settlement pressure as the main argument”. “On demand BI, where this comes from, we have unfortunately no answer.”

Man, please, therefore, to defer the decision until it can give answers to the questions and a new feasibility study could contribute to a moderate development plan. Finally, Nelkel emphasized: “We do not want to prevent the skirt Maier-Area.” One challenge, however, to take into account all the above factors.

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