she is as a presenter of the “farmer’s wife no longer looks inconceivable” – Inka Bause relies on eye-catching short-hair-Styling. A long-hair-photo-taken aback, however, a lot of Fans.

Inka Bause is also the host of the TV Show ” farmer wants a wife “* the RTL. is Particularly striking: her cheeky short hair cut Earlier, they looked quite different from

Cologne – “farmer seeks wife” without Inka Bause (51)? For many Fans the is likely to be little more conceivable. The presenter of the RTL-dome show dressed in her office now, 15 years . Always with you – your sassy short hair. Her trademark as a presenter.

+ Inka Bause is already for 15 years, moderator of the German TV show “farmer seeks wife”.©dpa / Georg Wendt

But as her career as a presenter also Inca Bauses were not part of short hair has always been in her life. On the contrary – the 80s and early 90s, Incas have influenced hairstyle once. Recently, she posted a photo on Instagram – 1996 . At the time, late 20’s, wore her long hair and starred in the Film “The millionaire”.

Inka Bause (Bauer sucht Frau / RTL) with long hair – Fans

check out this post on Instagram to

Tomorrow (16.02.2020, 9:00 PM) it’s back to the past – to the year 1996. The RBB repeatedly to 99. Birthday of Herbert Köfer “The millionaire”. A Lot Of Fun!!! #inkabause #hit #life height songs #singer #presenter #moderation #acting #rbb #herbertköfer #helgapiur #günter Schubert #millionaire #rtl #abbmanagement #energy dancers

A post shared by Inka Bause (@Inca.bause) on Feb 15, 2020 at 12:03 PM PST

Some Fans reacted enthusiastically to the photo. “Wow, a life simply beautiful” and “You’ve always been beautiful!” are two reactions. “Did good, though in the lining at the time. But totally cute” and “Because I see Resemblance with Heidi Klum” my other.

professionally Inka Bause, which is currently about the second baby happiness of a verkuppelten Bauer pair* has changed significantly. As the daughter of a composer, she studied singing. In addition, she played violin in the orchestra and had piano lessons. Finally, a career was out of the study – Inka Bause was for many years as a singer successful.

her first Album, “ INCA ” appeared in 1987, then still in the GDR. However, after the reunification, it was successful. Hits such as I “I want only you” or “Florian” were also heard at the end of the 90s and beginning of 2000, to. However, the Inca had a long mane. Her short hair came later.

+ Inka Bause in 1991 – back then with long hair. ©picture alliance/dpa / Klaus Franke

“farmer wants a wife” TV presenter Inka Bause former singer

After a job as a radio presenter and an actress, she came in 2005 to RTL and the dome show “farmer seeks wife”. There, she is now looking for suitable partners for their farmers. Many times with success.

Also this year, the programme is, however, Inka Bause is on the move worldwide. In “peasant woman International” is looking for you to hook up with both farmer Ashok* from India as well as farmer Vivien* from Australia. With Bauer Pure, you will have it probably hard. Although – to the exasperation of many viewers candidate Tanja did not bother even to his wife, hostile calls*.

Also at “farmer’s wife looking” in Germany, it continues soon. The new candidates for the new season of “Bauer sucht Frau” by 2020. In the case of “Bauer sucht Frau International” shocking that a candidate with a macabre Expression.

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