The last episode of “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock before the summer break has it all: This episode is disturbing to the viewers.

crime scene and alarm go in a three-month summer break On Sunday (20.15, ARD ) there are the last “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock In “The day will come” it comes to crime and punishment

Kassel – This summer break is for Fans of “the scene” and Polizeiruf very long. This Sunday (20.15 clock, ARD) is the last new episode in the First, a “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock.

After that, it will be three months only repetitions of the old Polizeiruf and Tatort episodes. We answer the most important questions is “The day” with the investigators Katrin king (Anneke Kim Sarnau) and Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner).

Polizeiruf Rostock (ARD): What is “The day will come”?

In the alarm in this episode of guilt and atonement, so the really big issues. Investigator king lies down while Jogging at the port of Rostock with two men who harass a woman. The two drug dealers beat up the COP. A little later the other woman is dead.

in Addition, the king in the new Polizeiruf from Rostock ( ARD ) will be searched for in your Dreams of the serial killer Guido wax home, they brought once through the Manipulation of Evidence behind bars. Later, he proposes a devilish Deal.

+ you get closer to each other: However, even after 22 episodes and ten years, Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner) and Katrin king (Anneke Kim Sarnau) siezen still. Can’t say the investigators of the “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock finally, You?©Christine Schroeder/NDR

your colleague Bukow is concerned, however, his father, is planning to go as a Gangster to be his last big thing. “This is almost biblical,” says main actor Hübner on the topics of wealth in the 22. The case of Rostock.

Polizeiruf Rostock (ARD): isn’t all this a bit much?

not at All. Eoin Moore, since 2010, the main author of the Polizeiruf-follow with Bukow and König, staged as a film Director, this time a book by Florian Oeller, which supplied the materials for many of the unusual “crime scene”-detective stories.

Sent you link several plot lines from old episodes of the “Polizeiruf 110” from Rostock (ARD) , without the works constructed.

Polizeiruf Rostock (ARD): What is the place you can discover new?

The Showdown of the “Polizeiruf 110” will not take place in a ruined city on the Peninsula of Wustrow between Rostock , and Lübeck, to get the tourists usually face. In the former barracks town of the Nazis, the Soviet army resided.

Today and cordoned off the area because of unclear blueprints. The drones images of cinematographer Andreas Höfer in the new Rostock Polizeiruf are spectacular.

Polizeiruf Rostock: Is there a special set?

Yes. As a king in the new Polizeiruf in the hospital’s wants and of Bukow know what Doctors have said, responds: “Slight concussion. Nothing else is broken. One of my own.“

Actually, Anneke Kim Sarnau plays the Profiler in the Rostock Polizeiruf terrific on the edge of madness. This is reminiscent of Claire Mathison from the US series “Homeland”.

Worth Switching on the Rostock Polizeiruf?

counter question: Has not paid off, the Switching on of the alarm from Rostock ever? Presumably, the multi-layered Thriller will be disturbing to some viewers, the Rest will be thrilled. The question, however, as it is now still further it can go. Because after “The day will come” will be a lot different.

Matthias Lohr

“Polizeiruf 110” in Rostock, Germany: the cases of investigator-Duos

In the “Polizeiruf 110: sons of Rostock” was like the blind leading the team of investigators* to Alexander Bukow (Charly Hübner) and Katrin king (Anneke Kim Sarnau) for a long time in the dark. In the “Polizeiruf 110: the Dark twin” strikes in Rostock* a woman murderer: He strangled the girl and takes the dead, then the organs.

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