‘We must reach a fly!’. ‘I’m going to be late for an important meeting.’

on Wednesday morning, the glowing phones at the South Jutland Police.

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Drivers caught in a queue at the Border, Highway jingle bells the police down to hear, when they can run on.

They have been caught on the section of the highway, which has been blocked since earlier in the morning went to fire in a truck.

the Truck is filled with paper, and, therefore, have the fire well fat. It makes the fires extra cumbersome.

At the time of writing, the motorway is completely blocked in the direction towards Flensburg right after exit 69.

It gives big problems for traffic from Haderslev against Aabenraa, and there are several kilometers of line.

The many inquiries now get the police to ask motorists to have patience.

“They are very, very impatient, and we can basically understand. But we can’t compromise on safety around fires.”

It says vagtchef from South Jutland Police, Bjørn Pedersen, who unfortunately do not have much encouraging news for the frustrated motorists.

“People call in to hear how the prospects are and when they can get on, and unfortunately, it is hard to say. We are working everything we can to get off the fire, but it is a truck with the paper, there is fire, and it is rubbish,” says vagtchefen and adds:

“We are sorry that people are late, but we can’t do more than we already do.”

Motorists are encouraged to find alternate routes, and police are trying right now to lead them, who are caught between the fire and exit 69, away from the fire.

“We can’t have cars running past a burning truck, while the firefighters going around on the road and working. Safety come first,” stresses vagtchefen.

the Fires is expected to stand at least an hour of time yet, so motorists should not count on the normal traffic on the line for the next many hours.