A 27-year-old is imprisoned for having been in possession of a firearm, which was found close to the scene of the crime.

A 21-year-old man, who on the night of Thursday was arrested for a knivdrab in Birkerød, has been released.

the Investigations have shown that he had something with the killing to do.

It writes The Police in a press release

in turn, is a 27-year-old man, who was also arrested in connection with the killing, in a grundlovsforhør by the Court in Lyngby, denmark on Friday, has been remanded in custody for two weeks.

He is accused of having been in possession of a skarpladt firearms, which were found near the scene of the crime. It has not been possible to ascertain how he reacts to the charge, or whether he kærede the decision to the high court.

Two other men who also were produced in grundlovsforhør for the illegal possession of firearms, was released by the court.

Thursday evening at 19.23 got the police a review about a man who was badly injured by the knife out of Birkerød School at Birkerød Parkvej. At 21.05 departed the 23-year-old victim at death.

the Investigation showed that the man had been stabbed in the vicinity of the Rema 1000 about one and a half kilometers from the place where he was found.

the 23-year-old even got transported to the school, or if he has received help, is not known.

After the murder police found a skarpladt firearms in a hedge at Birkerød Parkvej close to the place where the 27-year-old and the two other men were arrested.

Police believe that the motive for the killing must be found in an internal conflict in the criminal environment. This was stated by the police commissioner Henrik Gunst, who is the head of The Police department for organised crime, in a press release.

– We will continue with the investigation and would very much like to hear from witnesses or anyone who may have information that can help us in diverse investigations, says Henrik Gunst.

The Police would particularly like to speak with people who were in the area at the time, where the stabbing happened.