Pictures of two kids with dark hair and brown eyes is Sunday been published in the hope of finding their parents.

a little boy, A little girl and a stroller.

It is the subject of the three images, as the east Jutland Police Sunday afternoon released in the hope to answer the question of who the two children are.

the Children – a boy of about two and a half years and an approximately 1-year-old girl – was found in the centre of Aarhus on Saturday night. Ago, the police have been looking for the parents of the two children or witnesses who can shed light on the mystery.

In the pictures you can see the boy smile and look into the camera. He has dark hair, brown eyes and is wearing a dark blue blouse.

the Girl is also dark-haired and has brown eyes. She is looking intently into the camera and has a purple bib with text neck.

The last picture is of the stroller, the girl sat in, when the children were found by a random passersby on Park Avenue. It is a paraplyklapvogn with grey seat, and dark hood.

The two children were discovered by a person who randomly came past them on Park Avenue. He waited with the children for about half an hour, but since no one showed up to retrieve the boy and the girl, the police were contacted.

When the cops arrived at the spot, was in nearby restaurants and shops, checked in an attempt to find the parents of abandoned children.

As it does not bar fruit, train the ushers the two children at the station.

– the Children have it good, and they are in safe hands with the social authorities, said vagtchef by east Jutland Police Martin Christensen earlier on Sunday.

– At some point we’ll find the parents or relatives, and it will hopefully be soon, he said.

With the images, hope the police to get in touch with the parents, witnesses or persons with information about the two children.

in Addition, the police have been working with to review the video material from the area on and around Park Avenue, which runs from city hall square to the train Station in Aarhus. Many bus routes are running here, so the street is busy busy.

– We don’t know much about them or their origin. We are trying to track us on their ethnicity, so perhaps we can get an interpreter out, it sounded from the vagtchef Martin Christensen on Sunday morning.

– in Addition, we’re looking solid monitoring through. For example, it is video from shops in the area. We would also like to hear from parents or citizens who have seen the children, he said further.