It happens because they are continuing to seek witnesses in the case.

Therefore, the hope of the police, to overvågningsbillederne of the 25-year-old Mehemt Yaman, which is taken immediately before the killing, will put the time in the memory of potential witnesses.

“We hope that with the publication of the images, will the witnesses remember that the man at Avedøre Station and contact us,” says police commissioner Ole Nielsen, in a press release.

the 25-year-old Mehemt Yaman was found killed by gunfire on Saturday morning the 16. november in a green area in Brøndby Strand – approximately one mile west of Avedøre Station, where they overvågningsbillederne is taken at 19.46 on Friday the 15. november.

preliminary investigations indicate that he was shot on Friday, between the hours of 19.50 and 21.00.

Copenhagen is Ranked the Police will like to get in contact with citizens who may have information or in the case or who has seen the 25-year-old man at or around Avedøre Station that night.

Mehemt Yaman is described as being middle eastern in appearance, 180 centimetres tall and vigorous of building with black beards.

He was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood pulled over his head, gray sweatpants and black shoes.

if you Have information that can help Copenhagen is Ranked the Police?

So please contact them.

You can contact at 114.