In this connection, recommends that the police, the citizens, who live along the route, for a sikkerhedsskyld leaving their homes, while the mill carried over.

It informs the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police in a press release.

the Transport of the two vindmøllesektioner will take place in the period from the bell 08:30 to around at 18:00 on Monday, since it is only possible to carry the huge vindmølledele with quite a few kilometers an hour.

While the whole stands on, are the roads on the route closed to all other traffic.

‘the Carriage of the vindmøllesektionerne is handled by a professional company and are therefore regarded as completely safe. Still recommends the police residents Bahsegel along the route for safety’s sake to leave their homes, while the mill is transported past,’ says the press release.

the national Guard will be deployed to direct traffic and inform the residents who live in the houses along the route, in good time before the carriage passes.

It’s because it can be dangerous to be nearby, if – against expectations – goes wrong.

one of The two møllesektioner be transported namely in the upright position.

In a press release police said, however, that the cart, being transported on is built for varying terrain, just as there are vindmåleudstyr to the present. If the weather gets too bad, will the transport be set.

in total There will be about two møllesektioner, of which the widest is barely eight meters and the highest is about 28 metres.

The citizens who live along the route, while at the same time received a letter with information about transport and directions on how they should behave.