The Corona-crisis fists against the walls, the only cultural stage has “The Andal” arg added. Musicians fight for the preservation and play benefit concerts via Live Stream. Next Event: 31. May.

Poing – Andreas Otten, host of “The Andal” with fists against the walls, the only small art stage, says: “We are at the end of our forces.” He and his wife, Diana Terlicher lead for the past seven years, the Bistro on the main street, the Corona-crisis have left them tracks, told the 37-Year-old. Not just financially, also mentally. “Ten weeks is closed and only food to go, it was a nerve-wracking experience for us.” Especially since the actual cooking is, since a good four weeks sick.

Poing: host couple at the end of his strength

Because in the Corona-crisis, the lease should continue, he had already held talks with the landlord, telling the landlord. In addition, he will meet after the holidays with mayor Thomas Strong, to talk about the Situation. And about whether or not and how it goes with “The Andal” and the small art stage and more. “We don’t want to give up!”, stresses Otten.

“The Andal” closes for a week

After the Whitsun week-end, but he and his wife will close for a week the Bistro. “We need to recharge,” he says. the From 9. June to go further, in spite of and with Corona-restrictions. The Bistro and its culture, life stage, host currently regional musicians and Bands benefit concerts for the “The Andal “. However, due to the pads not in front of a real audience, via Live-Stream on the Internet. With A Donation Link. the “The donations 1:1 to go in the lease” , says Andreas Otten, of the thanks for the commitment. And at the same time says: “We want nothing for free.”

The start of the Punk-acoustic Duo Shots, the had the Live Stream over 1700 visitors made a week ago. Proceeds: more than 500 euros. This Sunday, the 31. May, plays from 19: 30 the Jonas Frank Trio with the Poinger Thomas Steinbrunner. He said: “The stage from Andal has shaped me impressive. Without you I would not be the musician I am today.“ The guitarist was in the past few years, as a musician and as a technician and behind fists against the walls, the only small stage.

Live-concerts in front of 18 guests

On the to, when it comes to Andreas Otten , after the 15. June also real live concerts. Once it is allowed again. He had requests from Bands and musicians, he says. For example, the Oktoberfest Band, Derby , to play in a small ensemble at the “Andal” plane. Also, if because of Corona limitations allowed only 18 guests would be. “Which, like many other Bands and musicians have ceased to exist many performances. The Derby say: Better to be in front of 18 guests, as not to anybody“, tells Andreas Otten. In addition, the Band have announced to play free and to only let a hat go around. The same want to do Michael Benker : The date of his performance at the “Andal” before the age of 18 permitted guests has already been determined: Saturday, 20. June.

This is a little art and culture at its best, this is what want to get Andreas Otten and his wife, Diana Terlicher in Poing upright. Also, the Bavarian rock band Gsindl has already announced that a Live-Stream charity concert for the “Andal” to play.

Poing: Live Stream on Pentecost Sunday

The benefit concert of the Jonas Frank trio, to be held this Sunday, 31. May, and starts at 19.30. Jonas Frank, Thomas Steinbrunner and Julian Kramer broadcast the concert Live streaming on Facebook and on Youtube. In the case of Youtube in the search form “Jonas Frank Trio” : enter Facebook is transferred to the page of “The Andal” and “world town suburb with a heart” . On all platforms, the donate link is to the preservation of the Bistros and the culture stage.