Pac-Man celebrates this year its 40. Birthday and at the same time, a small Comeback. The iconic game will be launched by Amazon new and get some new game modes given.

Pac-Man is one of the absolute classics of video game history. This year the game celebrates its 40. Birthday. To mark this occasion, Pac-Man is a small remake with a Multiplayer mode and a maze-maker.

The 80s have contributed a lot to pop culture. At the beginning of this eventful decade the cult video game appeared bad for the first time in the Arcade halls: Pac-Man . The gluttonous, circle-shaped game character is celebrating this year its 40. Birthday. In terms of graphics in video games has been done in all the years very much. In the meantime, the Games are almost photo-realistic*. But Pac-Man is without a doubt paving the way for Super Mario and co.

on the Occasion of this anniversary of the cult game Pac is back-To back and even gets some new game modes equipped – with Multiplayer and new Levels.

Pac-Man Live Studio: play Together in the Multiplayer and custom Level design

developed The new game bears the title “ Pac-Man Live Studio ” and is Amazon Games. The new edition can be used together with other players to play. The “endless mode” is the cooperative Multiplayer mode*. In it, players have to cope with the Level together. Everyone assumes the control of its own Pac-Mans. The goal is the points to pick up, without the ghosts get caught. The players are going to be at the same time in the same maze and have only one life per Level. As a Team, they need to only master a single the maze. The scores are displayed in the Highscore leaderboard.

in addition to the “ endless mode ” in the “Pac-Man Live Studio” your own labyrinths design. These can be shared with the Community. Other users can rate the Level and the best of them are listed under “most popular” in the labyrinth of selection.

+ In the “Maze Creator” in “Pac-Man design Live Studio” own mazes.©Amazon Games

nostalgic may enjoy also: Because “Pac-Man Live Studio” also features the classic Pac-Man , as it appeared in 1980, for the first time. While at the time still was gedaddelt in game halls, it is in the remake to beat the high scores of other players from all over the world.

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Pac-Man Live Studio will be free of charge and without a Download to play

Pac-Man Live Studio ” via the platform Twitch* playable. A Download should not be necessary. Currently the game is still not available. What time is the large Mampferei starts, however, it is not yet known. Amazon Games has yet to name an exact start date for “Pac-Man Live Studio”.

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