Five sense men are on the road through the Oberland. Also in the monastery of Benediktbeuern they got shelter for their assistance in mowing.

Benediktbeuern – Normally, a shiver running across the back a, if you hear from the “grim Reaper”. To see him is a nightmare for many. But before the Reapers Nicholas Pfannkuch from Penzberg, Christof Lorenz from Schöllkrippen, Arnold Palmer of Baden, Werner Kleemann from white castle and Georg Mahn from large hartpennig you need to truly have no fear. Quite to the contrary. Especially farmers have reason to be pleased when you see the grim reapers. Help you with your special tour through the Oberland in the mowing. At the moment, you can sit on your rolling in Benediktbeuern and mowing by Hand, the meadows of the monastery.

Five “grim reapers” of mowing the meadows in the monastery of Benediktbeuern

master the ancient and environmentally-friendly method of Wiesenmahd – without a machine or engine. You only need your Sense and a grinding stone to Sharpen. In the Luggage you have, otherwise, only water, tools, Accordion, and write stuff.

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On the weekend you move on. The Direction Of The Wooden Churches. The Walz goes until Sunday evening. “We want to do this now twice a year for a week,” explains Christof Lorenz, a trained sense teacher. For the next few hikes, but they have other goals. You want to cross through Germany. “Up to Flensburg,” says Lorenz, and is based laughing on the handle of his Scythe. “So we can absorb Knowledge from other regions and our share,” he explains.

next Stop on the road: wooden churches

the men are Driven by their passion for Mowing and to nature. “With the Scythe, you can cut the meadows in a sustainable manner. You can, for example, Blühblumen,“ says Lorenz. A lawn mower or lawnmower is destroyed, however, the entire Fauna in the meadows. The result is a dying Insect. In addition to the ecological reasons, the Mowing by Scythe still has the advantage. “I can slow down and unwind. The Grass gives me the clock,“ says Kleemann.

Sensenmahd is sustainable and environmentally-friendly

most master the craft, because you have learned it from their fathers and grandfathers. “Since the mowing is decreased by Sense by technology, it is important the Knowledge of other generations,” says Lorenz. Due to the currently increased attention to sustainability, the men’s hope it’s a interests-Aufschwungfür the Sensenmahd.

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