Four former Neuchinger local councils have now been adopted. For them, it gave the thanks of the incumbent, and former mayor and Neuchinger lion made of porcelain.

upper neuching – Four members of the Council said the Neuchinger Council Adieu. The first official act of the newly minted former mayor Hans Peis, the adoption of “his” former colleagues, had Monika Mair (ÜWG), Nicole Herman dorfer (SPD), Andreas Kroh (independent) and Josef waldherr (SPD).

Mair was a member of the Board from 2014 to 2020 and was, among other things, in the construction and audit Committee as well as Deputy Verbandsrätin the Neukobau. Herman dorfer came in January 2014 as Nachrückerin for the then retiring Otto Hainz in the Council. She was also on the audit Committee and alternate member of the AZV, and the Neukobau.

With 25 years of was municipal Council Kroh (then CSU) in 2008, the most recent Neuchinger. “Andi is one of the councillors who have called me the most”, looked back Peis. Kroh was for six years a member of the community Assembly of the VG top neuching, and alternate member of the building Committee. Also, since 2008, Josef waldherr was a member of the municipal Council. “He has always said what he thought,” so Peis. The forest Lord had made the request that the meetings must be no later than at 23 o’clock ended. This is still true.

Peis did not fail also to thank Martin Wittmann (FWG), which was retired last December due to health reasons (we reported). Wittmann was also since 2008. “He was a very, very valuable local Council. And what I have accomplished sometimes, he has achieved,“ said price about the level-headed kinds.

During Herman dorfer and Mair the catchment is not managed had not had to run the forest Lord and Kroh. Due to the resignation of the two women, Beatrix Ertl (CSU) is now the only woman on the Board. Mayor Thomas Bartl (CSU) thanked also in the case of the Former, and presented them with Neuchinger lion made of porcelain. do