His music to be million touched. Now the singer of a world is dead hits at a young age. The music world says farewell to the singer of world hits.

musician Pau Donés died at the age of 53 years . The family of the artist published a touching message of thanks to all the helpers in the fight against cancer . As the front man of the Band “Jarabe de Palo” the singer landed a worldwide hit.

Barcelona – The Spanish musician Pau Donés is dead . The artist’s family announced that the singer at the 9. June passed away. On Instagram* the members leave a contact message and would like to thank all who have helped him in the fight against his incurable disease.

musician Pau Donés is dead: cause of death is determined

August 2015 ill Pau Donés of cancer . For five years he struggled, until the disease is defeated, unfortunately. What type of cancer he suffered, explained to the family. The musician was in the care of numerous experts, but also the professional treatment could not save him.

singer Pau Donés loses battle against cancer: With the Song “La Flaca” landed his Band a hit

As a front man of the Band “Jarabe de Palo” (dt.: A beating) was Donés, especially in Spain. However, with the Hit “La Flaca” the group also landed a worldwide success. The rhythmic love Song found countless Fans. The Youtube release has been heard by millions and is today, with nearly 156 million clicks. In the Song the musician is dreaming longingly from the kiss a woman for you, he would give everything.

Pau Donés at the age of 53 years passed away: family sends touching message

sad news from death of a musician made his family over Instagram to the public. They are addressed primarily to all who had supported Pau Donés in the fight against cancer. “How do you want to the medical Team and all the staff of the hospital Vall de Hébron, of the hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, of the Catalan Institute of ontology, of the palliative care service of the hospital in the center, and the cancer Institute Vall Hébron thank for all their work and commitment during this whole time,” forget the relatives hardly be a helper.

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La Familia Donés Cirera comunica que Pau Donés ha fallecido el día 9 de Junio de 2020 a consecuencia del cáncer que padecía desde Agosto de 2015. Queremos agradecer al equipo médico y todo el personal del Hospital de la Vall de Hebrón, Hospital Sant Joan Despí Moisès Broggi, ICO (Institut Català d’oncologia), Servei de Paliatius del Hospital de Viella y al VHIO (Instituto Oncológico de la Vall Hebrón) todo su trabajo y dedicación durante todo este tiempo. Pedimos el máximo respeto e intimidad en estos momentos tan difíciles

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“We ask you to the extreme respect, and intimacy in these difficult times “, the family is still a desire to the Public. You want to appropriate to Pau Donés mourn .

The music world laments, unfortunately, other deceased Stars. Some of them had been infected with the Coronavirus*. The cancer, among other things, drummer legend Tony Allen and Rockstar Ivan succumbed to Recently, Kral.

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