up In Munich, drove on Wednesday afternoon in a vehicle targeted a group of people. A large-scale operation of the police. The perpetrators are on the run.

In Munich, drove a car into a group of people. As the police reported it to have been a targeted attack. The vehicle occupants are to be on the run. All the News and info in and around Munich you will find on our tz-Munich-Department*.

Update, 18.55 PM: According to new findings, to a total of four people in the black Mercedes the sat, is now wanted by the police throughout the city . In the case of the Sacrifice it’s supposed to be four people. A risk for the population is not, according to police currently. Three of the four challenged people to be seriously injured been. Two of them are said to have been injured by needlestick injuries is difficult, a Person by the Start-up of the car.

Munich: car drives into crowd of people – Three seriously

Update, 18.20 PM: In the in the attack, injured people should be according to the TZ of two injured from Munich (42 and 56 years) and a Person from the County Munich (45 years old). The police in Munich confirmed the suspicion that it could be the incident to attack two rival Rocker groups.

Munich: car drives into crowd of people – Three people were injured

Update, 18.15: , According to the image of the attack with a car is supposed to be the culmination of a dispute between two warring groups. Accordingly, a Hells Angels occupied the car to be driven in a Rocker of the “Black Jackets”. To him should also be with a knife stabbed been.

As picture, the victim is said to have attacked reported several months ago with two other people, a Hells Angels with a shock ring.

Munich: car drives into crowd of people – report on the first suspicion

Update, 18.05 PM: After a car had been driven into a
group of people, the six passengers beat loud police on the approached people. According to the image of a knife is to be used.

“The criminal investigation is also in use and begins with the crime scene work. The information of the uniformed colleagues will be collected, secured, traces and witnesses,“ declares the police on Twitter.

Update, 17.53 at: In the sought-after six people it is supposed to be according to picture men of the Hells Angels, which are supposed to have according to the picture on a “vendetta”.

Update, 17.39 PM: As Marcus da Gloria Martins, spokesman for the police Munich , now says that there should be “a relatively large number of witnesses” to the incident. The manhunt for the occupants of the car to be running at full speed.

Munich: Auto rast in a group of people – police searches

Update, 17.36 at:

In the case of the searched persons, it should be a total of six people.

“manhunt in full swing,” said a police spokesman. A danger for the population stock according to the first results. “The evidence indicates that the persons have known each other.”

Update, 17.28 at: at Least three people were injured in the attack, they were taken to a hospital. The police in Munich confirmed via Twitter. Meanwhile, Ludwig and Leopold street will be blocked.

large-scale operation in Munich: car drives into group of people – perpetrators on the run

original message : In Munich, it comes in the moment to a major police operation of Unger road in the area North of the cemetery.

Munich: the vehicle drives in a goal-oriented in a people – Large range of running

According to police, a vehicle targeted several persons in the dangers . Subsequently, the vehicle should be pulled out-the occupants out of the car and then to the people, to enter forcibly.

+ The manhunt is on. ©Hoffmann

Thereafter, the vehicle-occupants fled. That’s what the police reported. A large manhunt is on.

Munich: large-scale use of the police car drives into group of people

The police according to initial findings, the assumption that the persons do not know each other. According to the latest, there is no danger for other persons.

Munich: car drives into group of people – Large mug of police

As reported by the police more, is locked the area around the ungererstrasse/domagkstrasse on a large scale. Motorists should avoid this area. The same is true for the Leopold – and Ludwigstrasse.

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