Before Corona was the Werneckhof is a trendy Restaurant in Munich – Now the abrupt end, however. By the end of 2020, a Traditional sports shop closes in the heart of the city, its gates.

The Corona-crisis many companies in Munich* in front of existential problems. One of the most renowned Restaurants – the Werneckhof – run this now for the surprising end. Even the traditional sports business coin Inger closes its doors, after more than 130 years at the Marienplatz.

Munich – This message has been hammered on Thursday as a bomb – self insiders have to see this development come: The brothers hostage to block the Werneckhof , one of the best Restaurants in the city, with immediate effect! The Munich Loka l is awarded with two stars . In addition, a tradition of includes Empire sports shop in the heart of the city. Blame the Corona-pandemic* .

Munich: Werneckhof closes immediately due to Corona: “It is said”

“distance regulations and other hygiene conditions to keep it in such a small Restaurant, to ensure the usual excellent Service for our guests,“ says Michael hostage. “As it is, unfortunately for all of us it is not foreseeable when, for us, the usual normality will return, we have to decide with a heavy heart to close the operation in the Werneckhof with immediate effect final .” On the phone, the Restaurant would not comment operator on that. “It’s all is said.” What is the future of Tohru Nakamura (36) looks like, is open. The Geisel’s and the chef have agreed not to disclose. Is that Nakamura in the Royal court, the Geisel’s currently on the Stachus build, has a future, is excluded. Until then, a long period of time is.

+ 2019 “chef of the year” – now his employer must include: Tohru Nakamura.©dpa / Peter Kneffel

During the Corona-lock downs had kept the Werneckhof with a pick-up menu at the weekend on the water. In addition, the star chef had fulfilled a long-cherished dream: He offered to Japanese street food right in the middle of Schwabing. “Fried Chicken” with a variety of sauces. “In Japan, is very popular with families, it is not picking it up in the food-stalls, at home it is because of the frying odours even normally,” he said in April. Since 2013, Nakamura, who was born in Munich, has cooked in the Werneckhof and a meteoric career. Only in the past year him the Gault Millau has named chef of the year.

This advertising campaign appears surprising: Behind a Merkel poster, which is posted in Munich, is in truth even the CDU.

Munich: customers to stay away due to Corona – sports business

After a more than 130-year history of the company , the tradition includes a rich sports business coin Inger the Marienplatz at the end of the year. The justification of the management Board: “The failure of the current football season, the cancellation of the Euro 2020, the corona induced significant decrease in the frequency of tourists and foreign Fans, as well as the new possibilities of spatial extension in the main house have led to this strategic decision.”

+ In a Prime location coin-Inger sold for decades at the Marienplatz, sports and merchandise. The Corona-crisis and strategic Considerations an end to this Era.©Sigi Jantz

in the Meantime, the business of Sport münzinger to sporthaus Schuster belongs to . Most of the employees are under. The management wanted to focus on in the year 2018, the advanced shoemaker-master’s house on rose street, as well as “the fast-growing Online store with the clear focus on the brand and Vision of sporthaus Schuster”, – stated in a press release. Now, the two managing Directors, Rainer Angstl and thriving Schuster informed the staff at a staff meeting about the decision.

The historic town hall complex housed in the sports business Münzinger was in 1892 to the Royal Bavarian purveyor to the court appointed. In 1904, the company moved into as the first tenant of the rooms of the newly built Munich town hall at Marienplatz, where it was for decades the meeting place of the football fans.

in 2014, the traditional business in the heart was celebrated in Munich its 125th anniversary*. Now, an Era ends.

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