communications agency denies having made the DF-campaign for 375.000 dollars, otherwise stated in the invoice.

A false invoice on the 375.000 dollars addressed to, among others, the Danish people’s party Morten Messerschmidt is a part of the Bagmandspolitiets (Søik) investigation of possible fraud with EU funds.

It writes Ekstra Bladet and DR who have been confirmed by several independent sources.

Svindelefterforskningen concentrates on the european partialliance Sign and the associated regional Feld.

The two media have seen the invoice, which is also addressed to the Messerschmidts then an adviser, Kristian Wederkinck Olesen.

the Invoice is dated 30. march 2015, as Messerschmidt sat in the European Parliament.

It deals with an advertising campaign at the communication agency Primetime, which, however, rejects the knowledge of the invoice or to have made the campaign.

According to the company Primetimes of legal management is the invoice crafted, writes svindeljægerne from the EU office Olaf in the papers, as the Extra Leaf is in the possession of.

The confidential information is according to the media sent to the fraud squad, who in October took over the case.

That is on the computerskrevne invoice listed a amount with the handwriting namely 62.500 corresponding to the loaded Danish vat in addition to the price of 50,000 euros, which is about 375.000 dollars.

the Amount of 50,000 euro is not apparent from the inventory, as the Danish people’s Party, previously has published over party activities, which are funded with EU money from the Sign and Feld writes DR.

Therefore, it is unknown what the false invoice is used for, and who made it.

But more myndighedskilder certify to the DR, that included several false invoices in the ongoing svindelundersøgelse of the Sign and Feld.

Messerschmidt, and then the cashier at the Sign, Anders Vistisen (DF), has not wanted to speak to either the DR or the Extra Magazine.

Kristian Wederkinck Olesen said to the both media that he has no knowledge of the bill, which he also told the police.

He has according to Ekstra Bladet also spoke with Messerschmidt on the bill.

– I have asked whether it is him, who has sent it. It, he rejects, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

the Danish people’s party leadership has given a reply in writing to both media:

– We are aware that the authorities have such an invoice, but do not know from where it originated, and under all circumstances, be seen not to be paid, why in each case not used EU funds to cover the expense, is standing there.

As the EU’s svindeljægerkontor in October presented the conclusions of the investigation, which was initiated in december 2015, it said, to Sign and Feld has illegally funneled UNION funds to 4,35 million dollars to the activities “to the detriment of the EU-Parliament”.

Morten Messerschmidt has previously acknowledged mistakes in the case, but denied fraud, writes DR.

the fraud squad has not wanted to speak to DR.