In the “Carolin Kebekus Show” (ARD) had to tell singer Mark Forster his real name and not just a pop star-ready.

Mark Forster was in the “Carolin Kebekus Show in the ARD to a guest. The singer revealed his civil name , he even has to spell it. In addition, Mark Forster , such as he found to his stage name .

Cologne, Germany – In the second edition, named after her Comedy show in the ARD had Carolin Kebekus on Thursday (28. May) success, vocalist Mark Forster (38) to the guest. And the betrayed in the show, suddenly, a private Detail, that probably wasn’t even all of the Fans known.

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I ❤ love it. #DCKS! You too?? . This week Thursday with the great @mark das_erste forestry official to 22:45 in@! And who has not seen the first episode of #DCKS with @motsimabuse & @clueso, you should do so NOW IMMEDIATELY and URGENTLY in the library!!

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Mark Forster steals the successful namesake in Hollywood the Show

Kebekus made the singer’s attention to the fact that he his namesake, Marc (with a “C”!) Forster basically “the Internet” have stole, your joke-like formulation. That’s because Marc Forster with “C” is hidden a successful Director, producer and screenwriter, has won Hollywood greats such as Brad Pitt for his Film “World war Z” and Daniel Craig in the James Bond film “Quantum of solace” in front of his camera.

However, if you are looking for the movie maker to Google, the users get a forwarding to the vocalist Mark Forster suggested. Also in the Wikipedia article of the filmmaker will be informed at the beginning that it is the singer.

“That was earlier, in fact the other way around” recalls the singer, when he was still at the very top in the Google search results.

say it: Mark Forster reveals his real name and has to spell it even

is likely to be a lot more interesting is the revelation of “The Voice of Germany”Juror, then make it in terms of name. “That’s not even your real Name,” says Carolin Kebekus and want to know from the musician, why he is called so.

“So my real Name is Mark Cwiertnia ,” admits the 37-Year-old and spells the bulky name, had him brought into school some of the difficulty, and even extra in the radio alphabet (Caesar, Wilhelm, Ida, Erwin, Richard, Theodor, North pole, Ida, Anton). “It was clear relatively quickly that the pop singer-will be disabled if it can’t pronounce,” says Forster, has made in the past few weeks, often with Lena Meyer-Landrut headlines*.

To see the scene is at Minute 30 in the “Carolin Kebekus Show” in the ARD-Mediathek of 28. In may 2020.

Mark Forster: So the singer came to his artist name

It was hard to decide for a stage name , told the music Star. Ultimately, his Studio, which was in the forest road would have led to his Pseudonym.

ARD: Mark Forster returns the favor with Carolin Kebekus

Later Carolin Kebekus your host Mark Forster in a round of the game. In the case of “Flirt or a curse”, a kind of “foreign languages”Quiz have to guess Kebekus and Forster, whether it is a specific phrase in a foreign language to be an insult or a compliment. The sentences are spoken by connected celebrities, including Brazilian TV presenter Zana Ina Zarelli and her Italian husband, Giovianni. And since the singer returned the favor at Kebekus for the previous taunts about his Name and shake down his opponent mercilessly.

The comedian will participate in a brief to a of the action “#passthemic” and your Instagram Account for a day to two scientists and Corona Experts are available to borrow. In a new shipment they informed against their employer* – with a serious Background.


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