happening Now‘s! Lena Meyer-Landrut has made a cruel discovery to yourself. And the before 29. Birthday.

Lena Meyer-Landrut* shared on Instagram* a discovery with their Fans. She discovered her first gray hair. That befell you the day before your 29. Birthday.

Update from 23. May: Now it has caught so also Lena Meyer-Landrut . The singer has seized the Moment, almost everyone exactly once in his life and lives: the discovery of the first grey hair ! Also a ESC winner is now blessed with eternal youth.

The Moment you shared with your Instagram followers by Story . Accordingly, she sat in a car seat on the front passenger seat. It zooms in on your head, and Yes, clearly, clearly, there’s a grey hair to be seen. If the discovery had been waiting for at least a day. Because this Saturday, celebrating Lena Meyer-Landrut 29. Birthday. But the hair became noticeable when she was 28.

your good mood was Lena Meyer-Landrut of it but not spoil it. “The hands that weekend, I got birthday tomorrow “, she says in the Story shortly thereafter.

+ Yep, clearly: a gray hair.©Screenshot

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Fans your Instagram glitch when she logs on to will’s boomerang

Update 22. May: you break with yourself? “, asks had chased an apparently confused Fan under the snapshot, the Lena Meyer-Landrut from your bathroom into the grid. “ the cups! , “ says another.

the singer* is allowed but of course not during the morning routine a swig of it, like these two probably want to suggest. Anyone who reads the image description , finds out that it is tea. Read them carefully, but it seems to be for some Followers is quite hard.

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display Insta vs self-timer reality fans. Son’s a holiday but perfect for a bit of self – care for me, for example today a #Botanical fresh care Arnica hair mask from @Loreal Paris (with top ingredients and wonderfully-smelling), a little tea and a little bit of “me Time” with palo Santo, lighting and my plants ♀ and fluffy ☕ love it. ♀ love it.

A post shared by Lena (@Lena Meyer landrut) on may 21, 2020 at 1:43 PM PDT

“Cuuuuute. the want to correct, But it is Thursday “, a Userin. But what is it actually? “A holiday is perfect for a bit of Self-Care”, had Lena on the ascension of Christ, written in this year, a Thursday. From “holiday” have been some of “Friday” . Can happen if you fly over quickly.

“today Is not Thursday”, asks another Followerin. And your the goof is, then, visibly embarrassed. According to rich, 16 hours, he fell on her and she apologized immediately. Because Lena Meyer-Landrut had spoken and made it clear: “holiday, not Friday.” The user is unpleasant. “If it is a verb, after a 24-hour service completely run ,” she writes, ” read for the challenge .”

Lena Meyer-Landrut posts rare photo – Fan makes you sensitive errors

first message from the 16. April: Hanover – In the times of Corona hairdressers and nail studios are in short supply. An aspect that some Stars have noticed. Not surprisingly, Carmen values Geiss on Instagram through your growing mane.

Lena Meyer-Landrut has now posted on Instagram is also an unusual photo on the a luxury Problem to the Corona -noticed crisis. But that was not the only reason to Smile.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: On Instagram she posts a rare picture

Currently on Lena Meyer-Landrut ‘ s Instagram Account two issues. Calls to their Fans, and recaps, so-called Throwbacks. And such a Throwback drew the attention of their Fans.

so, like on one of your latest pictures to get you are probably the not-to-face. “Tb to long nails, being dressed up, perfectly plugged eyebrows and makeup on my face. Ah, those were the days …“, writes the brunette under the Post.

(German: Throwback to long nails, dress-up, his perfectly plucked eyebrows and Make up on my face. […]“)

Lena Meyer-not Landrut: the singer looks currently

Intensive Lena has the black-and-white-photography in the camera. A Hand is placed on her forehead. The photo is probably created with a previous Shooting. And as Lena already writes. The Post she wears lipstick and Make-up and perfectly manicured nails. Something that occurs not only in the case of Lena at the moment, rarely – in times of the Home Office and #home wirbleiben.

But her Fans will find the singer* it seems to always be “beautiful”. “Sooo pretty! But of course, you too!“ comment, among other things.

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Tb to long nails , being dressed up, perfectly plugged eyebrows and makeup on my face. Ah, those were the days …

A post shared by Lena (@Lena Meyer landrut) on Apr 14, 2020 9:21 PM PDT

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Followers about Corona-crisis – “Long, long ago'”

Lena Meyer-Landrut is probably the Only one which is forfeited in times of Corona-the Jogging pants-Style and natural Looks.

“Long nails? I can’t even remember how you look,“ shares Kristina Lunz, co-founder of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, Lena’s Situation. “A long, long time ago,” commented Mark Forster fan page. But a Follower* the power of hope: “The time will come again!”, he prophesies.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: embarrassing mistake under the Post

What is striking is seemingly just a Follower: Lena Meyer-Landrut is under the Post is a small, but embarrassing error under run. She comments: “perfectly plugged eyebrows” instead of “perfectly plucked eyebrows”. “Babe plugged eyebrows is stuffy eyebrows,” explains one User. Thus Post is in Lena’s not plucked, but stuffy eyebrows. Sometimes a second look at the Text, it is worth it.

However, Lena wanted to start a new career as a hairdresser: How do you Story shows your last Instagram -, it cannot be done with the hair cut in your underwear but still so good. Instead, it seems to be a newer Post pretty annoyed? What the hell is that?

The Coronavirus not even the Stars. These Stars are affected.


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