Lena Meyer-Landrut on YouTube regularly Updates about her life. During the last rotation of the “Weekly L” went a lot wrong, and Lena was shocked by her own sight.

Lena Meyer-Landrut offers YouTube again and again insight into her life. Under the title “the Weekly L” it has its Fans. In the last episode, a lot went wrong, but Lena Meyer-Landrut was able to laugh about it.

Berlin – Since about a year Lena Meyer-Landrut short clip on YouTube published . Under the title “the Weekly L” the singer, Updates and offers insights into her life. During the shooting of the 29. Issue, on Thursday (04.06.) appeared, however, was something wrong. Lena Meyer-Landrut had to borrow the pants of a friend.

The Video carries the title “Hello past! I travel back to the ESC and Satellite“. And that is exactly what the musician did. the Lena Meyer-Landrut* slipped into the role of her 19-year-old Self and to put a photo from the year in which they in the Eurovision Song Contest had won. 2010 Lena Meyer-Landrut won with the Song Satellite the IT C-victory .

Lena Meyer-Landrut: Fail in “Weekly L”-rotary

At the beginning of the video is a phone screen, a call comes in. “In 2010, Your Past” call. the “Hello, Yes here is the past, 2010” , is Lena Meyer-Landrut* at the end of the line says. In the very next shot, the singer opens their apartment door and says expectantly: “There’s my package of 2010 is, finally.”

And then it happens. The door closes behind Lena Meyer-Landrut to the castle. The 29-Year-old is not noticed in the first place, that it has to be . On the demand: “Have You a key?”, she is shocked: “Oh my God” . Relaxed and with a Smile on his lips, Lena Meyer-Landrut in the camera says “Yeah okay, I’m locked out, but at least I’ve got pants on “.

Lena Meyer-Landrut: “at Least I’ve got pants on”

Although the singer is at first confident for the rest of your project is not suitable for your pants but probably. In the very next shot, she slips into a wide, Mom-Jeans, and declared, laughing: “I’m in Bella’s pants tightened”. How the thing ends, and especially such as Lena Meyer-Landrut in your apartment comes, won’t tell you, unfortunately. Maybe the whole thing was staged and Lena has not had any locks from your Private apartment.

that’s what the camera captures, such as the 2020-Lena is transformed into the ESC-Lena . Red lipstick, a wig, black dress and necklace let the musician 19 years old be . “I look like the past,” commented Lena Meyer-Landrut* your mirror image. As you can see the resulting photo in the 2010-Look for the first Time, scares you. “Oh, God, oh, God, oh, I can’t stand it”, she calls. The photo she posted on Instagram*.

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Today, 10 years ago, I scream with laughter – I have recreated my Look from 2010 and couldn’t believe how similar it is passed today – the Smile of at the time, I’m definitely still on it with the #10YearsSatellite challenge and also travels to the year 2010 and shows me your Look ♥ Awesome Pics by @noah_stasch

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With the action wanted Lena Meyer-Landrut their loyal Fans to thank. The Video ends with the Statement: “Thanks to all of you that are since 10 years here and support me”.

a few days Ago Lena Meyer-Landrut* from under the Hashtag* #blackout Tuesday on the occasion of the death of George Floyd against racism.


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