With this reaction, the TV may not have expected-RTL well: Fans, the choice of a candidate is anything other than thrilled.

On Friday, 21. February, is the start of the current season of Let’s Dance. A candidate heated the minds of TV Fans. On Instagram some even threaten with a Boycott of the show.

Update from the 31.05.2020: it was definitely one of the most controversial candidates of the just ended “Let’s Dance” season: Laura Johnson . Not only that, the 19-Year-old polarized with your relationship with Michael Wendler is already in the RTL competition, she has provided again and again for excitement and annoyance among the viewers (see below).

After they fought, nevertheless, to a remarkable sixth place, sums up well her professional dance partner Christian Polanc , as he has seen the young girl – and a very positive one: “It has made it very much fun with her. She had often a cool and dry type I found okay,” says the native of Bayer Wendler-girlfriend and their dancing talent : “I would have you trust is actually a Lot more”, finds Christian in the RTL Interview, and says, in the end, I may have lacked the “mental strength”. “ she’s also young” , explains the 42-Year-old, but she assures him, to my the by no means negative. Instead, he praises Laura’s realistic attitude to things and recognizes that they have learned despite their young years already “very good” to live with the headlines and the hype about their relationship to the embossed star .

How it lives, this relationship can Fans follow in the new Wendler-Laura-documentary.

According to the “Let’s Dance”-season-the end of another professional makes a dancer because of a controversial performance headlines.

Let’s Dance 2020: viewers upset about Laura Müller: “Shame on you!”

first message from the 18. March 2020: in Cologne for Almost a year, Fans had to wait for the TV show “ Let’s Dance ” at the Start of the new season, but for some, the new edition of the Show appears to have been the beginning of an absolute disappointment. On Instagram TV viewers to cancel now, even a Boycott of the show. The trigger for the negative mood, the participation of a particular candidate is above all.

Let’s Dance: RTL released Video of the candidates – Fans criticize candidate

For months, Laura Müller haunts the headlines. The young girlfriend of pop star Michael Wendler splits the minds. The 19-Year-old visited together with her 47-year-old friend shortly after the discovery of the relationship are the RTL-summer house a visit to.

With your regular appearance in the Expat show Goodbye Deutschland and in the end your Shooting for Playboy, the 19-Year-old is expected to have increased their popularity more. The February issue of men magazine with Laura Müller was so good that the Playboy has published new photos in a special edition, like tz.de* reported.

as of Friday, the former student is dancing for the RTL-Format “Let’s Dance” across the floor. However, the participation of the pretty Brunettes, some TV viewers, the cult TV-show to show anything other than thrilled. While RTL will bring the Start of the current season, with a short Video of all the candidate into the conversation again, threatening some of the Fans of the show on the official Instagram Account of the shipment with a Boycott.

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Let’s Dance (RTL): Switch off Fans because of Laura Müller actually?

“I’m boycotting this show because of Laura Müller, and because you Ekaterina let this year not to participate in,” “that RTL Let a’s Dance to trash the format, I find more than a pity”, “Laura is not a celebrity” and “I hope you don’t stay long”, making Fans of your anger. Laura Müller himself seems to have their anticipation of the TV-Format , however, do not take. “I’m so excited!”, shall notify the 19-Year-old her Fans on Instagram.

But also the Non-participation of the professional dancer Ekaterina makes for a bad atmosphere among the spectators. Because after three Wins in a row, the 32-Year-old will no longer be part unexpectedly on the current season. The Fans of the pretty Russian especially the RTL serious allegations. “Who cares still Let’s Dance without an Ekat?”, “Shame on you” and “giant mess of RTL. Retrieves Ekat!“ is read under the published Video among others.

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All Fans to come up with Ekaterina but probably. The TV channel announced, in fact, a surprising Comeback.

The story of a contestant of “Let’s Dance” not to know many. Loiza Lamers got since the age of six hormones – “As a man, I would be…”

Oliver Pocher and Michael Wendler, with the on TV at RTL against each other – and in Prime Time.

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